What we're about

This Meetup is a tool for people to schedule and organize builds of tiny houses in the East Bay. Members can volunteer their time to help each other design and construct tiny houses, gaining valuable knowledge and practical experience in the process.

Sometimes we also get together just to talk tiny and meet each other. Topics of interest might include budgeting, rain catchment, managing humanure, solar power, alternative building methods like cob, building with recycled materials, and much more. We think you'll find it's inspiring and energizing to befriend and network with other passionate tiny house enthusiasts!

Anyone can join and attend a Meetup or schedule their own event, so don't be shy whether you need help making your tiny house dream a reality, or just want to dip in a toe to see what's what. Come participate! You're among friends.

This group was founded by Lauren M. and is co-organized by Sienna W. (who is currently mid-build!) and Alexandra H. All events are free to attend, but we do have to pay Meetup.com $144 a year to keep it running, so small donations every so often to offset that cost are appreciated.

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