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What we’re about

As a joyful deliberate creator, you are welcome! 

Hi there! 

I'm Peter, the organizer and the creator of the TLOA Montreal Meetup group. I am passionate about the Law of Attraction and have been teaching it since 2010 

This group is also run by my co-organizer, Samantha Barley, a Self-Discovery Life Coach. In addition, we have two Event Moderators: Valérie Soulé, Life Coach and Elvira Alimzanova, Speaker.

We each have a personal style, and we bring our own unique perspective of the Law of Attraction to our events. You are welcome to bring your own.

The aim of TLOA Montreal is to encourage you to move forward, to help you develop your passions, and expand your ability to create. We would like to foster a community of like-minded individuals focused on personal empowerment. We offer and insist upon a respectful, non-judgmental environment where meaningful questions about life can be explored.

You can expect the following types of meetups:

- Group discussions

- Lectures

- Q&As

- Picnics / Potlucks

- Restaurant / Bar / Lounge get-togethers

- Workshops

Hope to see you soon!

Be well,

Peter Hartman

Speaker, Teacher and Organizer


Peter Hartman, speaker and teacher, enjoys a life of personal empowerment development. Using Law of Attraction principles, he seeks to share a common-sense approach to creating well-being. For more than  9 years, he has been encouraging audiences to redefine their assumptions. 

Drawing from science, philosophy, and spirituality, he aims to be a catalyst to a powerful yet simple understanding.