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The main goal of this group is growing the Israeli Startups ecosystem and helping the early stage entrepreuners in building their venutres. TLV Startup Hub is an open non-profit independent group, which is not associated with any company or organization.

Come and meet the Israeli entrepreneurs, technology gurus, investors and advisers who share their vision, technologies and business experience. Get an advice on your 'next-big-idea' and help others to develop their venture. Network, learn and mentor helping Israeli high-tech industry growth.

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We offer direct access to leading investors who are actively looking for disruptive technologies within TLV Startup Hub's network. Give your startup visibility to investors, with advisors here to help you curate your message. The meeting is crafted to make sure that almost every minute that you spend in the event will be in front of potential investors. Investors, meet TLV Startup Hub: the Israel's oldest and largest Startup Hub Network with thousands of members and hundreds of early stage companies in formation. This is the perfect place to identify potential early stage startups looking for seed or angel funding. This event is in ENGLISH. Want to hear the pitches and learn how you do it when the time comes? Then join us on January 22nd, it is free! But YOU MUST GET YOUR FREE TICKET! Go to our brand-new web site and hit "Register" button http://tlvstartuphub.com/ Agenda: 6:00 - 6:30 PM - Gathering & Networking 6:30 - 7:00 PM - Investors Pitches 7:00 - 8:00 PM - Startups Presentations 8:00 - 8:30 PM - Q&A Panel, Feedback 8:30 - 9:00PM - Networking Interested to pitch your venture? - please apply here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1QB7sStvWuUQTBKMiBDiHnllEbntnhoA8HmHx1ViBeAc Accepted Startups (in the order of pitching): 1. Cryptonomica - universal digital identity 2. Tandoo - EdTech 3. Twik - MarTech 4. Inhavo (Brightinfo) - MarTech 5. DiagSense - Medical / AI 6. Vectored Photonics - Wellness / AI 7. JourneyShop -E-commerce 8. Utopian - Open source, Blockchain & cryptocurrencies 9. Confirmu - Financial services / Credit Score 10. EffectiveBuilding - Green construction materials marketplace / Hub Suggested slides outline: 1. Company name (does not count as a slide 😊 ) 2. Team & background 3. What problem we solve 4. Who needs it? Market overview. Who we are going to sell /selling to 5. Why now? 6. Our solution in general 7. USPs - why us? 8. HOW we are going to sell / generate money: business model 9. The BIG vision / big thing – why we need to raise money now 10. Financial, and how much we are looking to raise (do not say for how much equity / valuation) 11. Finish strong – your choice. MUST HAVE your contact details Interested to join us as an investor? Please drop us a note: lionel(at)tlvstartuphub.com Our Panel of Investors at this event: - JVP VC - FreshFund VC - Buran VC - ExitValey Crowdfunding platform - Shin Hamama Investments (and probably a few more) Attending Private investors / Angels: Yaron-A Ovi-S + more in pipe Startups & investment are a combination of both art and science. RSVP to be assured of a pitching spot and win your angel. For any queries you can reach us at lionel(at)tlvstartuphub.com For more information visit https://www.tlvstartuphub.com/ = = = Startups! For your meeting, prepare to discuss the following eight points: 1. Business model: How do you make or intend to make money? How much can you make? 2. Social impact: How big is your projected impact and how will you fulfill their mission? 3. Market: How large or disruptive can your business be? What’s your unfair advantage over your competitors? 4. Technology: How is technology used to solve the problem? How unique and difficult to replicate is it? 5. Team: Besides founders, does the team have the right people in the appropriate roles, experienced advisors, driven employees? 6. Fact checking: Is the information presented in your pitch factual? Be ready to verify key contracts and important agreements. 7. Terms: Are your funding goals reasonable for your projected runway? Is your valuation cap appropriate to your current stage? 8. Eligibility: Does your startup meet the legal criteria to be funded? (Photo from rawpixel.com, by permission)

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