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Value Driven business approach - focus on optimise for speed over cost
DevOps is inherently a quicker, better way to get product to market – a perfect fit for startups. They could adjust quickly, iterate again and again to get to the point where customers en masse were interested in their technology. DevOps is somewhat unique - it has applications to both large enterprises and to startups, but It is adopted differently in each case. There is little formal process at most startups. Often, the developers building the product are the operations people deploying and managing the product or service.The first phases of DevOps adoption start to occur at this early stage in a company’s life. Developers as they are building their product often encounter some basic challenges and begin to solve these issues. How they solve them often dictates whether they take a DevOps path or not. In our presentation will show How to build your startup into DevOps from day one, so that you focus *ONLY* on your idea and innovation.” This talk is in HEBREW. Agenda 18:00 - 18:30 - Gathering and Networking 18:30 - 19:30 - How to build your startup into DevOps from day one, so that you focus *ONLY* on your idea and innovation By Viktoria Slavin, CEO Devops IL and Omer Hamerman, DevOps Consultant Value Driven business approach - focus on optimise for speed over cost. Companies that fail to leverage the transformative, value-generating power of IT risk being disrupted by those who do. We’ll explain how adaptation of Devops in a SU can increase innovation and onboard more happy clients on continuous basis. Also, we’ll share a use case of a SAAS SU that handle 3 billion page views monthly traffic and how he does it on AWS infrastructure and at what cost 19:30 - 20:30 - Networking About the Speakers: The presentation offered by two experts from Devops IL, a team of software operations architects who consult on infrastructure automation and workflow improvement. Viktoria Slavin (CEO) - For the 15 years managing business activities and has vast experience in challenging the companies to strive continuously towards achieving better results and increase their value. Initiate and manage consulting and training projects in the fields of Hi-tech, IT and Engineering. Extensive knowledge of managing business partners and customers with a proven record of high satisfaction. Proven experience in management in the multicultural workforce. Omer Hamerman (Consultant) Part of a team of consultants specializing in DevOps, Linux, Continuous Integration and Delivery, Cloud computing, Monitoring, Linux Containers, Version Control, Issue Tracking, Code Review, Development process, Application performance, Analytics, Auto Scaling, Durability and a lot of fun.

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