Startups Valuation and Financial Strategy: A DO-IT-YOURSELF Primer for Founders

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Wonder what is your current valuation and how much you should raise? Learn how you can create a working business model and build your venture's value ground up. Don't let investors dictate you what your business is worth. We will walk you through often ignored key business and financial situations to prevent you from taking poor decisions, or imploding entirely.

Learn the difference between having a startup and managing a startup - effectively transitioning from a vision to a sustainable business. We will help you understand the necessary steps to build and value all the key components of your future business success: revenue, expenses, financing, and valuation.

Wonder how to start all these? Join us for this event!


18:00 – 18:30 Gathering and Networking

18:30 – 19:15 Yoav Fisher (, Strategizing your business: Do Your Homework!

We will begin with the basics, understanding how revenue and expenses should be addressed and qualified for a startup. We will show real case-studies of errors and best practices that founders typically make, all with the goal of laying the groundwork for assessing the viability of your startup.

19:15 – 19:30 Break

19:30 – 20:15 Andrew Geller (, Modelling & Valuation
We will go over the next steps in the process: taking results from the first step and putting the story together into a dynamic, intuitive model. We will discuss some financial parameters that should be included, like key metrics, and the difference between a P&L and an FCF. Finally, we will show how founders can use their model to make business critical decisions and understand how they affect valuation and financing needs.

20:15 – 20:30 Q&A

20:30 – 21:00 Networking

About the Speakers:

Yoav Fisher ( and Andrew Geller ( are the Co-Founders of Value Your Startup ( (VyS), a boutique business/financial-consulting firm for the startup ecosystem.

Startups have a unique quality of possessing large amounts of uncertainty, which poses problems for any CEO or investor. Using rigorous research and analytical tools we help founders and investors navigate this uncertainty and ultimately make better decisions.

For Startups, VyS ( builds custom financial models and provides in depth research to help founders make the strategic decisions that increase potential returns. We use an intrinsic value methodology and simulations to map out potential scenarios and identify key parameters that help startups reach their success targets, whether that means increasing sales, users, or attracting investors.

For Investors and Investing Entities, VyS ( provides business validations services. Using extensive research and customized modelling, we clarify the risk/return characteristics of the specific investment by analyzing the distribution of expected returns. We give investors the information that helps them mitigate risk, spot additional opportunities, and an objectively assess the startup’s core business potential and how that success flows down to our clients expected returns.

Andrew Geller (, MBA – held the position of CEO at Spirala, and worked as a strategy analyst at NICE Systems and research analyst at Altus Group in the past.

Yoav Fisher (, MA Applied Economics – was previously responsible for the Economic Consulting practice at Pareto Strategies. In addition to VyS ( clients, he has helped numerous clients, in both the public and private sector, over the past 5 years.

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