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Toastmasters Club 21 Meeting
This Toastmaster group is held every Tuesday night at the back of the Earth Wind and Flour restaurant in Santa Monica. The average weekly group size for each meeting is around 20-30 people. *We don't RSVP through this Meetup, so don't let the 1 or 2 reservations fool you ~ it's a packed event! Get there early (WE RECOMMEND GETTING THERE AT 6:30PM TO GRAB A SEAT + MEET OUR BOARD MEMBERS): We do ask the guests to stand up and introduce themselves at the begining of the meeting. If you’re nervous about meeting people, it’s best to beat the crowd there. It’s much easier to walk into a room with two people rather than a room with 30 people. The first person you’ll normally see is the sergeant at arms. He or she is tasked with setting up the room and welcoming people to the meeting. The Toastmaster of the Day (the person in charge of running that particular meeting) will usually be there early as well. The benefit of getting there early is that you’ll meet people as they walk in. So if someone is busy preparing for the meeting, they’ll introduce you to someone who can tell you about the group and they in turn will introduce you to other people. Contrast this with walking in five minutes after the meeting has started where everyone is watching the first part of the meeting. Of course, sometimes we can’t control things like bad weather, traffic, a faulty GPS or our other commitments in life. So get there when you can, but try to shoot for fifteen minutes before the meeting is scheduled to start. Parking: There is $2 valet parking and limited parking in the back of the restaurant. There is also street parking around the area. The nearby Whole Foods has its own parking lot (only for 1-2 hours). You'll have to go inside to get it validated and ask if it's ok to park there and for how long. Food: Food and beverages can be ordered during our meeting! Charge for Guests: There is no charge for guests to attend any of the meetings. Guest may check out the meetings as often as they would like. Last, but not least: Bring the right attitude. Toastmasters can be a fun experience where you can make life-long friends. Try not to worry or get stressed, as a first timer, your only role will be saying hello! And remember, everyone is here to better themselves and it’s okay to make mistakes. So show up, have fun and enjoy the positive vibes!

Earth Wind & Flour

2222 Wilshire Boulevard · Santa Monica, CA

What we're about

Welcome! Are you looking into improving your public speaking skills? Perhaps you'd like to overcome a fear of public speaking. Or how about your leadership and management skills? Everyone, regardless of their background or career, could improve their presentation abilities. Toastmasters International is a worldwide, non-profit organization devoted specifically to that. Toastmasters clubs are everywhere, ranging from corporation-specific clubs to local community clubs. Club 21 is a Toastmasters group open to anyone and everyone who would like to get more comfortable speaking in front of a crowd.

The Toastmasters philosophy is simple: learn by doing. The club allows members to hone their speaking skills by giving speeches at meetings on any topic of their choice. Speeches have included personal experiences, favorite memories, professional advice, historical accounts, .... basically any topic you can think of! In addition to speaking roles, members may serve as master-of-ceremonies ("Toastmaster") or as other peripheral roles. In short, everyone is given a chance to speak as much as possible.

Most of our meetings have about 25-30 attendees. (Most of the attendees are regular members of the club, but not listed on meetup) Guests are always welcome to our meetings. There is no fee to visit, and no obligation to join or give a speech. Simply stop by to get a feel for what goes on. Our meetings take place almost every Tuesday between 7 PM and 9 PM.

Please read our FAQs ( for more information, or check out this article ( from the Santa Monica Daily Press.

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