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向be a better me的朋友们分享我们PPT学习群
Hello,大家好~ 感谢大家加入Be a better me的大家庭。 前段时间一直在po和ppt学习相关的活动,主要是因为当今职场,会ppt太重要了,ppt可以为我们的演讲加分,为我们的报告加分,等等 我们为PPT学习爱好者建立了一个学习群,内里有一位PPT老师,每隔一段时间会分享关于PPT的精华学习内容。大家有与PPT相关的问题也可以入群问,老师或好心的同学们会解答的~当然,也请入群的朋友看到你们知道答案的问题,也要互助哦~

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"Life is a constant exercise in self-improvement. The journey to improving your soul and your compassion toward yourself and others begins here!" This group is created for people who want to develop themselves to be a BETTER ME. We want to bring people who are creative, positive and love to explore new things in life together. We will provide culture exchange events, learning program, good personal development program(project management, presentation skill improvement...)and so on... Let's have fun to learn and to share. Together, we will exploit our potentialities!!!


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