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Please join us at Funding Circle on Wednesday the 14th of August for our //TODO meet-up.

We see that over a thousand of you are now following us on meetup (gosh!) and we’d like to meet as many of you as possible, as well as give you a chance to find out what // TODO is all about.

So, for August only we’re make entry completely free.

18:30: Doors Open (with food and drinks served)
19:00: Intro
19:05: First talk - Filipe Mendes - The Legend of Documentation: A markdown to the past
19:25: Break
19:35: Second talk - Gareth Shapiro - This talk will give you superpowers
19:55: Break
20:05: Third talk - Ataul Munim - How empathy relates to effective feedback
20:30ish Social - The Sea Horse, 64, Queen Victoria St, London, EC4N 4SJ

The Legend of Documentation: A markdown to the past
The great majority of programmers agree that documentation is useful but not that many will take the time to write it. If code is the real source of truth, why bother writing documents that might soon get outdated? In this talk Filipe will tell you his story on how documentation helped ease the integration of new colleagues, how it promotes knowledge sharing and how it helped preventing internal disagreements.

This talk will give you superpowers
Gareth has a secret and it’s time to come clean. Completely by accident he discovered how to nurture superpowers.
You too can live in a world where money has no meaning.
You too can experience people giving you expensive things.
You too can be stopped in the supermarket, and chased down the road, by admirers.
You too can get access to high powered people in fancy board rooms.
You too can have people actually respond to your tweets ....
All you have to do is put the secrets in this talk in to practice.

How empathy relates to effective feedback
We'll look at what effective feedback is, and how it relates to empathy. We'll cover distinct forms of feedback and in which situations each is most impactful.


Note: We understand that some people have other commitments, and cannot spend the whole evening with us. Because of this we start early, try to run very close to time, and we do not take questions after the talks. This allows everyone to benefit from the main part of the evening, and then, if you are able, you can join us after for the social where hopefully some, or all, of the speakers will be on hand. We think this makes // TODO more inclusive, but if you think we can do better, do let us know.