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Please join us at on Wednesday the 13th of November for our //TODO meet-up.

18:30: Doors Open (with food and drinks served)
19:00: Intro
19:05: Robbie Coomber - Why everyone should try contracting and why I stopped
19:25: Break
19:35: Jack Grahl - Flow and anti-flow: is intense focus overrated?
19:55: Break
20:05: Danielle Vass - Why I learn one new thing each year
20:30ish Social - The Whitechapel Stable, 16-18 Whitechapel Rd, E1 1EW

Why everyone should try contracting and why I stopped

Contracting is amazing! Earn your yearly expenses in just a few months! Spend the rest of the year on a beach sipping mojitos! It's not wrong, but here's why it can (surprisingly) lead to burnout and loneliness, and how I dealt with that.

Why I learn one new thing each year

When was the last time you learned something new? In this talk Danielle will explain why she aims to learn just one new thing a year, what she's learned, and why she thinks this could help you learn more things too!

Flow and anti-flow - is intense focus overrated?

'flow' is something often mentioned as a desirable state for coders and other workers. I want to suggest an opposite state: 'anti-flow', where frequent interruptions keep us engaged and responsive. I'll talk about whether this can be a good thing and what its drawbacks are.


Note: We understand that some people have other commitments, and cannot spend the whole evening with us. Because of this we start early, try to run very close to time, and we do not take questions after the talks. This allows everyone to benefit from the main part of the evening, and then, if you are able, you can join us after for the social where hopefully some, or all, of the speakers will be on hand. We think this makes // TODO more inclusive, but if you think we can do better, do let us know.