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Artistic freedom means that the amateur film maker is never forced to sacrifice visual drama and beauty to a stream of words…to the relentless activity and explanations of a plot…nor is the amateur production expected to return profit on a huge investment by holding the attention of a massive and motley audience for 90 minutes…Instead of trying to invent a plot that moves, use the movement of wind, or water, children, people, elevators, balls, etc. as a poem might celebrate these. And use your freedom to experiment with visual ideas; your mistakes will not get you fired. ~ Maya Deren

The Open Film school is a philosophy that looks at the filmmaking skill training beyond just an introduction to the workings of a vocation. The Open Film School meditates on the art and the craft of this beautiful medium and encourages the aspiring filmmakers to develop their own worldview. It is an initiation into magical world of cinema that paves the path for you to become its student and practitioner for life.

Documentary filmmaking is a world of learning and seeking. Documentaries are the perfect place for young filmmakers to begin learning their craft. That’s because fiction film is about re-creating a version of reality, tuned to the story’s dramatic necessities. Documentaries, by contrast, require only that students choose the subject matter and capture what is already there.Watching documentaries is a wonderful way to expand your awareness of the world around you. It forces us to view a specific problem from an array of different perspectives.

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The Open Film school is a philosophy that believes Filmmaking skill training and knowledge exchange is beyond just an introduction to the workings of a vocation. The Open Film School meditates on the art and craft of this beautiful medium, and encourages the aspiring filmmaker to develop their own worldview. It is an initiation into the magical world of cinema that paves the path for you to become its student and a practitioner for life. The Open Film School brings to you The Total Filmmaking Diploma an intensive program that will jump start you career. Initiate you into the art and set you on the right path to follow your passion. We proudly boast that this is the best short filmmaking course one can attend in India. The Total Filmmaking Diploma is designed to create this experience over 2 months. The world of filmmaking presents a face of glamour and wealth but beyond this face are inspired artists that are passionately pursuing their art and craft , Backed by years of learning and commitment. The Total Filmmaking Diploma will introduce you to this world and help you take your first step. The Total Filmmaking Diploma program is designed by Alumni of NYFA, FTII and SRFTI. Award winning and practicing filmmakers will share insights and experiences that will help you to start working on your first project. The Open Film School has been in Bangalore for the last couple of years. This course has evolved from a small workshop to a diploma. The past batches have given is a couple of award winning films. And a couple of other filmmakers who have joined the industry as assistants or are pursuing their passion full time. The very thought of doing what you love for a living is the best motivator. The Following is the brief outline of the Diploma How to read a film - The visual arts Learning from the masters, Before the films, why film as an art, How film tell stories, Film studies and history Production process - The art of delegation The Hierarchy, film worthy, The vision, The Tribeca reunion Writing for film - The Rosetta stone Inspiration - James Cameron, who are you - Andrew Stanton, Titanic a case study 3 Acts - A Philosopher's idea Why the act structure, For the love of films,break the rules Understanding your characters - Tell me your story Forrest Gump character analysis,The Hero's Journey and the act structure, Save the cat, Building a character for film - Make me care Screenplay Structure - Write write write A novel idea, breaking down creativity, one step at a time Screenplay Format - The Blue Print margin for error, minute by minute, Celtx The Writing process Who What and how, The Hare and the Tortoise, plot points (Act culmination) subordinate plot points Story-boarding - First Visuals Three little pigs, comic strips, beat, incorporating your screenplay Cinematography 1 - The Canvas The camera, Film Vs Video, The science Cinematography 2 - Painting with light Types of lights, Lighting setups, lenses and filters Cinematography 3 - Directors eye Types of shots, Camera movement and meaning, working with a cinematographer Direction - Mise - en- Scene The rules, Talking heads, walking heads Actors and casting for the film Finding Talent, Working with an Actor The best part Editing Techniques and formats - Slaying dragons Making a film, Objectivity, The tools A career in Filmmaking - Start your first film Iceberg Filmmaking, pitching, getting started Short film project - Writing, casting, shooting, editing and screening. Conducted by Jay Gholap, Alumnus New York Film Academy. Currently working as a script consultant. Fees Rs. 32,000, easy installments and discounts. Registration fees - Rs. 2000- https://imjo.in/HVa3s6 Call[masked] for Details Please fill in this application (https://goo.gl/forms/oMINRyPjP7LXXJzi2) to attend our seminar. [masked]

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