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The goal of Token Engineering NYC is to foster a community and an ecosystem for individuals working on token models, protocols, crypto-economics, governance, and security. It will also provide an opportunity to collaborate, deep-dive and contribute to the ever-growing Token Engineering knowledge base.

Engineering and science are complementary research areas. Engineering is about buildingthings that work; science is about contributing new knowledge. Therefore token engineeringis complementary to the science of crypto-economics and token economics. This communityis for anyone looking to explore and expand their knowledge in these new areas oftechnology and economics.

Token Engineering meetups are now happening regularly in Berlin, London, Cape Town, andZurich, with new city groups starting up each week.

What this meetup is not is a place for promoting ICOs or cryptocurrency investment tactics. Presenters are only allowed to speak on the underlying model and protocol of their cryptocurrency or token and a callout if they are looking for tech talent.

Access the Token Engineering Wiki - http://tokenengineering.net (http://tokenengineering.net/Token)

Telegram - https://t.me/TokenEngineeringNYC (https://t.me/TokenEngineeringNYCGENERAL)


● 5 minute introduction○ Community intro, updates and overview of the event

● 10 minute keynote presentation ( theme specific )○ Sets the theme / topic of the evening

● 2 x 10 - 15 minute presentations○ Speakers will present a paper, study, theory, concept, framework, or protocolthat they are working on and discuss their design, desired outcomes,challenges and lessons learned.

● 30 minute deep dive workshop

○ Meetup will break into two groups (1 for each speaker presentation) where there will be a whiteboard session to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the project.

○ The goal of the whiteboard session is to explore the token engineering aspects of the project, optimize its design and concepts and contribute to the token engineering knowledge base.

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