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What we’re about

Watch great movies every Saturday night, with great popcorn and great people - every week a different movie.  We select a new Director every few weeks and watch his films. A retrospective! Watch what makes the director great,  watch the Director's growth as a film maker.  critical analytical discussion at the end of each film bring out the nuances of the film. Each member of the group has a chance  to curate and present their own favourite Director.  

Theatre-style popcorn is available and you can even BYOB. 

 Award-winning feature film writer, producer, and director Mazahir Rahim (Mango Dreams) will also give his expert analysis. It's the perfect movie night....lots of fun and unique insight for all you filmmakers, film enthusiasts and future Oscar winners.

Even though this is fun, it's also a University Credit Course, and the prerequisite for the upcoming film studies courses. Learn everything about filmmaking the easy way at our short film courses like:

• Making a film with your cel phone

• Becoming a script supervisor and a P.A.

• Bootcamp for Filmmakers