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The business world provides a unique opportunity to fulfill Hashem’s will.

When Hashem created the universe he left it unfinished. He created a world that is still imperfect and wants us to serve as his partners in creation. He wants us through our actions and deeds, to bring perfection and harmony to this world. Hashem has charged man with the mission of perfecting his masterpiece.

We should be refining and elevating the physical world. For 6 days we must engage the world around us, we must utilize our possessions, spend our physical energy, involve ourselves in commerce, in business in our various professions, even daily life on the city streets yet all the manner that Hashem has prescribed.

By engaging and working within the material world yet living according to a spiritual vision, by adhering to his moral code while involved and engrossed in the grind of daily life and performing the sacred commandments in the most mundane setting, we can create a world of goodness and Kedusha, injecting the spark of Kedusha into all physical matter.

Our meetups discuss what Hashem asks from us and what we can do to fulfill his will.

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