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What we’re about

Welcome to Toronto Riders
Our Mission
We are a motorcycle Riders group based in the Greater Toronto Area (GTA). We offer rides a few times a week to scenic areas of Southern Ontario, some longer 2 or 3 day rides to neighbouring provinces or states and week long or longer destination rides, all while taking in the sights along the way.
We provide safe group rides, for passionate motorcycle riders of all skill levels. Safety is top of mind for the group, we observe standard group riding practices, and encourage all participants to ride respectfully, and within the limits of their abilities and the law. Our rides include expressway riding, so an M2 or M license is a requirement with a motorcycle capable of handling expressway speeds.

Our Rides
Weather permitting, we hold rides on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesday evenings. We ride to scenic destinations and mostly ride on country backroads, but will ride on the expressway to get to and from our destinations. We take breaks every hour and a half and visit lookouts and other scenic spots along our route.
We hold rides when the weather is 10 degrees or warmer on days were there is a low probability of rain. If the weather forecast calls for rain the evening before the ride, then the ride will be postponed or cancelled. Rides are planned so that they are completed during daylight hours.

Our History
Toronto Riders’ group was started in March 2011 by Mirza Nyer, a motorcycle enthusiast and avid rider, to build a friendly and respectful motorcycle riding community where people from all walks of life can come together to ride; and to have the most fun on 2 wheels in a safe manner. Mark, Road Captain, joined Toronto Riders in 2016 and has been leading rides since 2017, and often leads our weekend rides. Since its inception, the club has grown into one of the largest and most active riding group in Canada. Currently, Toronto Riders have 2,0000+ members and is still growing. We, at Toronto Riders, strongly believe in safe riding practices and encourage its members to do the same, in particular, while riding with Toronto Riders. We are NOT about trying to outdo each other but rather to help each other to become better riders, and share knowledge

No-Shows Policy
There is a lot of demand for Toronto Riders rides and there are often more people willing to join than there are spots available.

When riders sign up for a ride, then do not show up, this is unfair to other riders that have been on the waitlist. In this case, someone who would have actually joined the ride couldn't because they were on the waitlist.

We ask that riders update their RSVP to "Not Going" if they will be unable to join a ride they are signed up for. This will free up the spot and allow someone that is on the waitlist to join.

Toronto Riders will flag riders that do not show up, as a No Show in the Meetup App. We will be monitoring how many No Shows riders have.

If there are riders on the waitlist for any ride, we will look at riders on the "Going" list and move them to "Waitlist" if they have a No-Show on their profile. This will result in riders on the waitlist being added to the Going list. If a rider that was added to the Waitlist still attends the ride, then they will be removed from the Toronto Riders Meetup group.

If a rider accumulates more than 3 No-Shows, they will be removed from the Toronto Riders Meetup group.

Late Cancellations
Similar to the points above, we are asking that if a rider is unable to join a ride, they update their RSVP to "Not Going" 48 hours prior to the start of the ride. This will give enough time for those on the waitlist to prepare for the ride or to decline if they are unable to join and free up the spot for the next person on the waitlist.

Priority for Joining Toronto Riders Rides
Since we have a limited number of spots open for any ride, if there is a waitlist on a ride, then riders will be added in priority order. Riders will be added in the following priority order:

  1. Regular supporting riders. These are riders that are regularly joining rides and helping with the organization and execution of the rides.
  2. People that are regularly joining Toronto Riders rides. These are riders that are frequently attending Toronto Riders rides.
  3. Members with 0 No-Shows on their profile, and have joined many rides and have had few declined rides.
  4. Members with 0 No-Shows on their profile, and have declined many rides.
  5. Members that haven often updated their RSVP to "Not going" less than 48 hours before the ride.
  6. In order of the number of No-Shows. Fewer No-Shows is better.

Please Note: When you join a ride Or event organized or promoted by Toronto Riders, you confirm that you have read, understood and agreed to the Terms of Service and Toronto Riders Waiver, Release and Indemnification.
You acknowledge that the terms herein shall be binding upon your heirs, executors and assigns.
Click at link Below for Waiver, Release and Indemnifications!