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This group is a friendly and enthusiastic group of gay guys in Toronto & their friends. We discuss everything that affects our lives in an awesome way, support one another, make great friendships, (some members have also found love!) socialize and network together. We meet once a week near the gay village in Toronto and at a typical meeting we're mostly gay guys, but all are welcome.

Our group meetings are GREAT opportunities to discover how we can bring more meaningful energy into our daily lives through connecting, authentic sharing and applying the principles of positive psychology. You will feel happy with good energy, ideas, empowerment and much more. The atmosphere at the group is often described as "caring; respectful; interesting; vibrant & life-changing!"

We've already celebrated our 1,200th meeting in 2019 and have 150+ members via Meetup and other websites.

★ATTENDING THE GROUP : Discussions may be simple and fun with loads of laughter or it can be a serious discussion. There's usually a topic lined up for discussion but men are also encouraged to bring topics to the table that is important to their lives. All age groups are usually represented: this makes it a very interesting mix! Please note: There are no professional psychologist(s) or associated professionals at meetings. The group is an informal gathering in the spirit of community building and support for one another. It is an opportunity for fellowship and a useful adjunct to therapy, but is not therapy in and of itself.

★The Group might be ideal for someone who: *Is new to Toronto or Canada or the gay world! *Feels alone, a bit down or isolated for various reasons *Wants to meet people who he can really talk to & feel connected to *Wants to enhance his experience of life but is not sure where to start *Seeks informal "guidance" for feelings of low self-esteem / depression / etc. *Wants to have the opportunity to meet new friends in different age groups / ways of life *Who needs an opportunity to talk about his life & have people who will really LISTEN *Wants to re-invent himself in many aspects of his life and surroundings & feel good! *Need guys to socialize with on a regular basis; explore the city; movies; sport; etc. *Is still in the closet and wants to meet gay people in a safe, constructive environment *Who wants to have the opportunity to have solid "food for thought" to reflect on life *Needs support in feeling part of the gay community and other aspect of daily living *Who wants to feel part of a positive; supportive group / community *Is willing to try something different to feel content about life *Is looking for long-term friends or even a life partner! *A couple who needs a new friendship circle

★WE HAVE 3 GROUND RULES : CONFIDENTIALITY - What we say and discuss in the group is confidential. SAFE AND NON-JUDGMENTAL - You are in an environment where your ideas and thoughts can be openly shared (if you want), for feedback and discussion. RESPECT - You can really share anything on your mind and what you want to talk about, just do it with respect towards others.

★LOCATION : ✓ Air-conditioned ✓ Secure free parking ✓ Light Refreshments supplied ✓ Safe, friendly and respectful atmosphere ✓ Nice downtown location (Google: M4Y 2K2) ✓ Within easy walking distance from the subway (Wellesley OR College) and streetcar ✓Detailed address details will be supplied to you when you join the group & RSVP to attend a meeting


-Coming out

-Fear of getting old

-I am alone & lonely

-Why relationships fail

-I am in a straight marriage...

-Self-empowering techniques

- I am bi and not sure where I fit in

-Be more dynamic & make new friends

-Where do I meet a guy for a relationship?

-Manage your anxiety, don't let it manage you

-I can be a fulfilled person on my own!

-How important is a perfect body?

-Where is the love in the world?

-Does God really hate/love me?




-Gay marriage

-Sexual health: Hiv, etc

-Build a solid Self-esteem

-I need authentic gay friends!

-SOMETHING is missing in my life...

-Change your life and feel GOOD about it

-It is not what we say, it is how we say it

-The poisonous effect of negative thoughts

-We judge in others what we judge in ourselves

-Usually we want the other to change so we can feel better

-You say: “Why can’t you accept me just as I am?” Do you accept everyone just as they are?

-What will happen if you pull away from your restrictions?

-There is only two choices in life: Love or Fear

-Is it a terrible thing "to let your image go"?

-Do we get stuck in our basic instinct?

-Do you want to miss your own life?

-Find out who you really are.


☻ Being in this group is like attending a top university. It's learning about the human condition at it's very best in a super safe, caring and respectful and often filled with laughter, environment. The facilitator has brilliant knowledge and insights!
☻ An excellent forum for any gay man interested in personal growth. This group is one of 10 things you have to try before you mature. It's also a must for new self-discovered gays.
☻ This is the best place in Toronto to meet REAL people. I tried many other groups, but found them to be artificial and without proper focus. In this group, there are many single guys attending. It's a dynamic mix of perspectives. For me is a very very rewarding experience to be part of this group. For half the price of a decent meal & coke you get the opportunity to work on the cornerstones of your life.
☻ I absolutely think it is an amazing opportunity to jump outside of one's day to day life and look at yourself by experiencing the world of others.
☻ This group is a Godsend for those of us who are healing, searching, exploring and desire to live in the world with full passion. Andreas created a beautiful safety net for gay men of all circumstance and bringing them together to share their journeys.
☻ A positive and healthy way to discuss challenges that many men face. I have found the group to be very supportive, and I can't help but discuss my issues. It's been a great find for me.
☻ Thank you for another fantastic meeting. It is wonderful to see how everyone openly shares their experiences in a welcoming, friendly and fun environment. Love the laughter and the learning. Since joining I have made many great new friends. I look forward to each and every meeting!
☻ This group is a great resource for seekers looking to untangle internal knots. Andreas is a master at showing you the ropes.
☻ I found this group at the lowest point in my life. These men - the friends I have made, have been instrumental in my 'comeback' and I thank my lucky stars everyday that I found these angels.
☻ If you're looking for empathy, opinions, and support without the molly-coddling, this is a fantastic group.
☻ I was feeling very anxious and depressed when I discovered the group more that 4 years ago. Now I'm seeing the bright side of life too. If it has not been for this group' constant support in my life, I would have gone home a long time ago.
☻ This group helped me a lot and I am now enjoying life much more since I joined 12 years ago. I made many many profound friends via the group! We laugh a lot together and sometimes there is even a tear or two. But it's all good in a safe; informal but structured environment.
☻ I don’t know what I would have done without this group. I arrived in my new country with high hopes; just to find the gay world is a bewildering experience. Tried to make friends; meet people; with very limited success. And then I walked through Andreas’ door and found many guys, and from different countries and cultures- All ready to support me! (Just when I honestly felt no one cares anymore...). I quickly made good friends here: some in their 20ties; 30ties; 40ties; 50ties and a mentor in his 60ties! I & my partner love this group. Thankful for ever.

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