Jorge Coutinho & TPG Board Breaking Event


Jorge Coutinho Event

pain is GREAT!

What if pain was your biggest blessing?

What if pain was an opportunity for you to learn, grow, and ultimately change?

What if through pain you could reach your best version, your higher self?

Join us on … as Jorge will share not only his inspirational story but also some tools that can help you to take your life to the level you deserve to live.

Board Breaking Event

There is a great quote that says, “the best way to predict the future is to create it”

2017 is quickly approaching and brings with it, the future.

Many people will make resolutions only to come to the end of the year and realize that none of them have been accomplished.

On January 4th, 2017 we will obliterate this disappointing trend.

Many people have inspiring visions, exciting dreams and uplifting goals. The trouble most people face is, they have these unbelievable treasures buried inside waiting to be released but they don’t know how to begin and if they begin, they don’t know how to keep it going. Visions, dreams, resolutions – change – can sometimes feel like an impossible mission.

About Jorge Coutinho

Jorge is a former Successful Entrepreneur and Managing Director.

After 13 years of Corporate life, a question made by one of his most important role models and mentors, his grandfather, a couple hours before leaving this world “Son, are you living the life you want to live, or are you living the life that others want you to live?” was like a punch in the stomach and lead him to the realization that he had the life that everybody wanted except himself!…

On a conversation with, at that time, his wife, he got to know about this guy with the big teeth that was delivering self-development seminars for thousands and thousands of people and transforming the lives of many more. After a couple of “coincidences” involving Tony’s name, he decided to attend UPW NY on March 2007.

After that event, Life, literally, was never the same again! He left the comfort of his family owned business and embarked on a Journey of discovery, growth and PAIN to become is better self. During that journey Jorge founded his business coaching company, where today he Coaches CEO’s, GM’s and Top Management members of the most Portuguese renowned Companies and Multi Nationals corporations present in Portugal.

As a International Speaker and Master Trainer in Coaching he started delivering Talks and Training in Portugal, Spain, UK and across Brazil and Mexico. He wrote his 1st book, a Biography, in 2014 that is now being adapted to the International as he prepares to finish and publish his next two books, a novel and a self-help. On the Robbins World he has the privilege of being a Coach and a Trainer where he serves clients and assists live events globally.

A life changing event was the missing link for him to create the Pink Association, a project where he dreams to finish his life contributing for… A former National Champion Skydiver and shark scuba diver, today he finds balance and peace, on what Jorge considers to be the best metaphors for Life: Marathons and Ultra Marathons.


Memorial Hall is Located at 5110 Yonge St. Lower level. Directly below the North York Central Library.

It is on the west side of Yonge, 4 blocks north of Sheppard Ave., in the same complex that includes Mel Lastman Square, The North York City Centre and the North York Central Library.

If you are on foot on Yonge street, it is accessible from 5150 Yonge St. via the North York Central Library at the end of the Upper Mall of 5150 Yonge.

It is accessible from the North York Centre Subway Station. If you exit via the North York Civic Centre exit from the subway it will take you to the Lower Mall of 5150 Yonge St and Memorial Hall is at the very end of this long Mall.

If you are driving there is underground parking accessible at the back of the complex, from Beecroft Road.. which runs parallel to Yonge St., one block to the west.

This is your Ultimate Destination: Memorial Hall. (The Burgundy Room)

If you are on foot on Yonge St:
Enter 5150 Yonge St. It is a long covered Mall between the building that the Library and Memorial Hall are in on the left and other buildings on the right.

If coming by subway: Exit at North York Centre subway stop. Take any exit on the west side of Yonge, but do not go outside, stay in the tunnels, and follow the signs to City Centre or Toronto Centre for the Arts.