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Tech Talks - Spring Edition
Welcome back everyone to the latest edition of the Ruby Brigade Tech Talks! Once again Nulogy has graciously offered to host and provide food for this meetup, and we thank them for their continued support! Schedule: 6:00 - Arrive at Nulogy 6:30 - Talks begin 8:30 - Talks end and we can continue at a nearby pub Talks: ## Infrastructure as Code with Terraform - Art0uro Pie, Nulogy Many companies manage all or part of their infrastructure via manual processes and/or very inflexible scripts. These manual processes are slow, error prone, hard to debug and impossible to validate. Documentation on the infrastructure is often missing or not up to date. Test and Production environments tend to differ as more manual changes are applied to them. The knowledge of how to change the infrastructure is only in a few people's heads, making it hard for developers to deliver the functionality they need. All these problems can be solved with code because code is powerful. In this presentation, you will learn: The benefits of using Infrastructure as Code Terraform basics: providers, variables, outputs, data, resources, interpolation How to launch a web server using Terraform ## Scalable, Performant Code - Haris Mahmood, Shopify Performance and code optimization are key for scaling an app. This talk aims to highlight a few techniques and practices that can help you write better code today.


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    We are the Toronto Ruby Brigade, a group of Toronto based Ruby and Ruby on Rails developers, students and enthusiasts. Our goal is to create the best community experience for Rubyists, regardless of their skill level.

    First and foremost, we will provide an avenue for developers to present their ideas and experiences through presentations and lightning talks.

    Second, we can only become better Ruby developers through practice. That is why we will have hack nights and work as a team to develop great software.

    Those new to the Ruby programming language or the Ruby on Rails web framework will be able to experience our "Newbie" workshops. The workshops will include lessons, Q&A, and guidance from some of Toronto's most experienced Rubyists.

    Finally, we not only want to learn together, but also make strong connections with one another. This is why we will have social events, such as drinkups and board game nights.

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