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An outdoor bootcamp where people can come together and support each other as they try to achieve their personal fitness goals. The name of the bootcamp is Total Fitness Revolution and the web address is www.totalfitnessrevolution.com

We schedule meetups frequently, you'll get an email when our next meetup is scheduled! Our meetups are free and are seperate from the real bootcamp class. However, if you would like to try out an entire week of bootcamp you can do that completely free. All you have to do is let me know by emailing me at info@totalfitnessrevolution.com

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personalized nutrition and weight loss!
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Medical Centers of Atlanta

What most of us don't know is that our bodies do not tolerate all foods and nutrients leading to chronic fat gain to specific areas of our body. I would like to set up a time for anyone interested to come to medical centers of atlanta and just learn about food sensitivity testing (tells u which foods ur body doesnt process leading to fat gain) and nutritional counseling. There is no charge for this type of consultation, it is merely a chance for us to teach you about medically assisted weight loss. It would be nice to have at least 2-3 of you come and maybe we could go out for a healthy meal afterwards to discuss what we learned and create a healthy grocery list! Time and date can be flexible :)

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