1-day R workshop for experienced users

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The dual aim of this 1-day workshop is to (A) demonstrate a reproducible data analysis workflow through an example RStudio project and (B) highlight how the reorganisation of popular R packages, under the umbrella banner of the “tidyverse”, has made working R code more accessible and intuitive.

To register your interest, email [masked]. Please ensure “[R Workshop]” appears in the subject line.

NOTE: Places at the workshop will be confirmed via return email only.

Morning session: Reproducible research through RStudio
10.30 am: Setup, introductions, housekeeping
10.45 am: Lecture - Project orientated workflows
11.15 am: Coffee break – Discussion
11.30 am: 2 × 30 minute tutorials
- Joined up thinking when writing R code
- R-projects as means to organise your research
12.30 pm: Lecture - Introduction to the tidyverse

1.15 pm: Lunch break

Afternoon session: A crash course in the tidyverse
1.45 pm: 3 × 45 minute hands-on tidyverse tutorials including:
- Example scripts and problem sheets exploring R packages tidyr, dplyr, ggplot2 etc.
- Opportunity to work on your own data
- Opportunity to work in groups
4 pm: Closing remarks, questions

Essential Requirements:
1. Your own laptop
2. R and RStudio pre-installed and running
3. The tidyverse R package loaded and running
4. Familiarity with R and RStudio
5. Experience writing and running R code