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Phoenix ReactJS
Phoenix ReactJS
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GoDaddy Tempe, AZ

2155 E GoDaddy Way · Tempe, AZ

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Show up 5 minutes early due to security process. See below for picture on where to park.

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We'll have lightning talks by a few speakers on various topics (see list in Agenda section below).

With any leftover time, we'll do ExcuseJS, aka hacknight. This means bring your work or personal projects and work on them, and as you go, if you have questions, ask your peers. It's an enjoyable way to code socially and learn in a new way. It works because it's your code and you get personal attention, or you might end up learning more as you help others!

Should I go to this beginner event or the experienced event?

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Presenters & topics:

React Native - Kylie Stewart:

Why use React-Native in the first place? Is it a simple transition from React to React-Native? Kylie will briefly show off a list app she built in React and the lessons learned transitioning it into a React-Native app.

Kylie is a full-stack coding bootcamp student that enjoys working in React.js. She has a passion for (and background in) STEM, and is eager to get to work as a contributor in the Phoenix tech community.

Shane Unger:

Ever wondered why your awesome method on your component isn't working, and realized it's because you forgot to bind it's 'this' context in the constructor? What even is 'this'? Come find out what's going on under the covers as we talk about how user defined methods work in ES6 classes.

Shane is a musician turned programmer, lover of all things JavaScript, React, and a certified beer snob.

Location: GoDaddy in Tempe.

GoDaddy requires folks to sign in for security reasons, so I recommend you allow at least 5 minutes for this process.

Food: Food and drinks provided by GoDaddy! Yuss!! Thanks GoDaddy!

RSVP details: RSVP's are allowed exactly 2 weeks in advance. This is to encourage people to be responsible and show up.


6:30 - Time for making friends, have some food. Also, schmooze with potential employees or employers.

6:50 - Announcements including job positions and job seekers

7:00 - Presentations, and then hack time

Have a job to fill or looking for a job?: to shorten the announcements portion of the meeting, we're going to show a slide or slides during the meet-n-greet portion of the meeting. The slide will have job announcements along with faces of who supplied the announcement, so that you can find that person and chat with them about the job. Just make sure you get the text and picture to Ty by lunch on the day of the meetup. Email it to me at [masked] . Your devlierable to Ty should be a SINGLE IMAGE with your picture AND text with dimensions 768x392, and I'll put it on a quarter of a slide, like this: