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ANDY MOOR @ Pacha NYC | Free Tickets
Grammy nominated trance DJ Andy Moor will be spinning at Pacha NYC on Friday May 14th. Doors open at 10pm and I am able to get free tickets for all group members. I'm hoping the organizer makes this an official event, but even if they don't, you may add yourself and your friends to my guest list by emailing me at [masked] Let's try and make this an official meetup!! :)

Needs a location


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    "A silky euphoria, sublime textures of neon light woven through a madd rush of kaleidoscopic sparks and manic speed, draped over a relentless, thumping consonance, connecting us as 1 joyful, beating, organism"

    -- trance, def.


    We're gonna be bustin' out into 2011 with parties and events that'll move and exhilarate you with the most uplifting and danceable progressive trance in nyc.

    What could be better than the sublime music, the positive and absolutely beautiful trancephiles you'll be partying with. Attitudes and inhibitions checked at the door. Peace, love, unity, respect and freedom will be our religion for the night (TrMansion "48 party" veteran Kimberly had it right: "friendly, late-nite, happy and open people. the crowd had such a good vibe!")

    "We're not just promoting a club event. We're trying to build a community of people who love this genre of music and who share its positive mindset."

    - Deme Spy



    the sublime melodies, orgasmic climaxes, the pure euphoria of driving beats -- that breathes a sort of positive, happy magic into a space; whether that space is in your head, or in a roomful of revelers.

    Add games like twister, knock em sock em robots, hungry hippos, foosball, kiss or dance, hooping (and special surprises by organizers that love to think outside the box) and you've got a great vibe where people can let loose, & dance their asses off.


    WANA KNOW MORE? . . .

    NYC's finally getting a progressive trance scene! And along with it a sexy and innovative approach to clubbing that will break social barriers and create that positive trance vibe EDM has been missing in nyc. How? With a wild elixir of ice-breaking games and entertainment, a social networking website where people can meet on and off the dancefloor, extra-clubicular activities and other surprises . . . we did say 'innovative' right?

    what's your club life missing?

    The irony of our nightlife is that the very places we go to meet each other--clubs, lounges, bars--are the last places we can.

    People want to meet up and party, but trap themselves in a comfort zone of friends, attitude and inhibitions--walls that separate perfectly awesome people from getting to know each other.

    Trance Mansion is not only NYC's singular resident progressive trance party, but an innovative approach to breaking through these barriers. How?

    +By using fun ice breakers like games and contests, our very own (armed and dangerous) cupid, and an interactive Trance Theatre;

    +Creating a vibrant community of friends outside of clubbing through events like DJ and twirling lessons, picnic parties, pilgrimages to concerts and music festivals, and a social networking website;

    +Thinking outside the box with special projects like a Global Skype Party, a Fashion Week show, and a Trance pageant (wanna try out?).

    And what better way to create a friendly and positive vibe than with the sexy, sublime, uplifting melodies of progressive trance?

    trance revolution

    Fans who have clubbed in cities like Ibiza know how open and friendly a trance event should be.

    Maybe it's the uplifting and life-affirming sensibility of the music, or the dreamers and futurists it attracts. Whatever its source, the progressive trance scene seems the natural starting point for this great experiment in clubbing.

    So be a pioneer by partying your ass off to Tiesto, Armin, PVD, Corsten, ATB, Above & Beyond ... and nothing but the best progressive and vocal trance from around the world.

    All you have to do is come prepared with an open mind, an open heart, and a commitment to partying with some of the coolest people you'll ever meet.

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    pioneer trance in nyc

    One of the world's greatest cities has been missing a genre from its musical repertoire that elsewhere fills stadiums with millions of fans: euphoric trance aka uplifting, progressive, vocal, euro, epic, anthem, dance, happy or melodic trance.

    NYC's electronic music scene can be described as budding at best, but still no regular progressive trance event.

    Relief periodically arrives when our fav djs come to town with a major production co. But these events are few n far between, not to mention pricey.

    In the meantime, trance fans have had to supplement their diet with the housey 'n hard stuff at Pacha, Cielo and the like. Until now . . .

    Trance Mansion is nyc's only resident euphoric trance party, spinning nothing but the best trance from around the world.

    So wadya waitin for?

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