What we're about

We love to pickup trash and make our environment cleaner and be of service! Singles, families, all ages. We find areas around the Dallas to North Dallas area that could use some love and attention in cleaning up trash.

== Our Vision ==

I have a vision! That every one of us cares. Sees. Makes our environment around us cleaner. That every person in America spends 5 min a day picking up trash.

We start right here, right now, making a difference right around us! In our own hearts, minds, and community. By DOING! Not just bitching or moaning about it, but by being a real individual part of the solution.

Come for whatever you want. 15 min, 30 min, the full hour. Every minute improves! No training needed. We have gloves and trash bags. Snacks and music too! We’ll have a kickoff at the start of the hour, and take a selfie at the end. Welcome to join or not for any of it! We’re here to have fun being of service in making our environment more enjoyable for all.​

We stand for our community.
We stand for each other!
We stand for ourselves!
We start, right here. Right now. Together.
When our environment is clear. Our hearts are clear. Our heads are clear. Our homes are clear.
We mindfully, thoughtfully, knowingly, choose where we put our thoughts and attention. On making a mess, or improving ourselves and our world.
We use our hands. We use our time. We use our attention. Some of us even like getting a little dirty to make it cleaning.

== Logistics! ==

Required: A willingness!

Recommended: good boots (or rain boots), gloves, trash bags (recycle those grocery bags!),

If you're able to help with logistics! We could use: gloves, trash bags, and people w pickup trucks that can haul the trash to the dumpster

== Donations ==

We use all funds for supplies. Bags, gloves, meetup.com fees, and eventually snacks. Please donate via PayPal to trashpickupteam@gmail.com or use this link https://www.paypal.me/noahcoad Put a note in it's for Dallas Trash Pickup

== Other ==

We are an independent group that's just happy to be of service. This started when our founder Noah would be doing trash pickup around the area with his three children. They love being of service that way. And now it's opened to more people joining. The more the merrier!

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Plano Trash Pickup

Bob Woodruff Park

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