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What we’re about

If you have experienced any kind of trauma and you need help, then you have come to the right place.

The Trauma Information Group will help you understand your trauma better and introduce you to others with similar trauma-related thoughts, feelings and behaviors. This group will address the variety of issues resulting from trauma, such as the loss of sense of self, fragmentation of memories, feelings of shame and self-blame, rage, feelings of powerlessness, loss of self, dissociation, grief, loss, compromised social functioning, and spiritual disengagement. 

This group is a therapeutic group and requires both online assessment paperwork and a phone or video interview with one of our staff. 

Your insurance company will likely pay for a portion of the cost; you may have a copay. We can look into the particulars of your plan for you. If you are unable to afford the group, we may be able to help cover some of the $40 per meeting cost for you.

You do not have to suffer alone.

You may contact Vinnie at phone/text 508-293-1611 or vinnie @ to find out more or to interview for the group. 

If you rsvp for a group meeting, we will reach out to you for an interview to ensure the group is the right fit for you. You will not be able to attend the group until the interview is complete. 

Check us out at