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This is a working group for professionals involved and those interested in Travel Marketing. We are hoping to network, talk and learn together about how people search for travel, understanding the subtle differences in behavioral patterns across demographics. How can our travel marketing businesses create strategies filled with tried-and-true research and bespoke techniques using mind-type genomics – predicting search tendencies based upon sophisticated experiential data.

Topics could include Travel Marketing by SEO, SEM, content marketing, mobile technology, real-time data analysis to deliver a powerful strategy that speaks to the distinctive needs of hotels, travel providers, and everyone in between.

Bring your ideas, and let's get better at this together.

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Webinar 12/9: Stop Ignoring Your SEO, Put it To Work for Your Product Pages.

SIGN UP HERE- https://bit.ly/2VikuY3 Join us at our Webinar on 12/9: E-commerce marketers: Do you find yourself spending hours online, trying to educate yourself on the latest SEO strategies? Our webinar can help you move away from research and towards action. Our webinar will: 💥Explain what a hub strategy is and why it’s crucial for successful SEO content creation 💥 Show you how to increase website traffic and conversions using hub content and product pages 💥Increase your understanding of the ever-changing, dynamic science of SEO === Webinar Details === Dec 9, 1pm EST Presented by Joseph Franklyn McElroy, CEO of Galileo Tech Media Register to save yourself countless hours and learn how to craft your strategy for growth: https://bit.ly/2VikuY3 Please use the link provided in this description and not the Meetup button. Looking forward to seeing you on 12/9!

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