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What we’re about

This TRE® (Tension and Trauma Release Exercises) Group is for people who are interested in learning and practising the natural way the body heals - tremoring and shaking. The body releases tension and trauma (hard and soft, physical and psycho-emotional) and leads to deep relaxation for general well being. There will be various evening and weekend day events. This Group will lead to peace of mind, health, reduce stress and minor symptoms like IBS, headaches, loss of libido etc and lead to increased happiness. Shaking in a group is safe and leads to greater tension release. Open to anyone.  Please check our calendar for the next Introduction or contact Vicki for a one-to-one and then come to the drop in groups.  (Please do not attend a Group introduction if you have a serious health condition - contact Vicki for more support and information.)  More info at and