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How many times have you been hearing the same mantra again and again: Trend is your friend, follow the trend!; or: the Stop Loss Order, make sure you use it!. And then they say: 95% of retail traders loose money because they don't follow these 2 rules correctly. Let's put it in other words: that very 5% of professional traders who is outperforming the market (thanks to the more advanced technical and technological tools at their disposal) is telling the rest of us to follow "religiously" the same rules they have written. What a wonderful way to reduce their risk by foreseeing our behaviour:).

If I had to sum up in one sentence all I learned from reading Warren Buffet's books, I would say the following: buy cheap assets (with higher intrinsic value) and then wait until that value is reflected by the market price. Is there a way for retail traders to apply the same philosophy, for instance, to the Forex market? We believe so.

Maybe it's about time to consider an alternative strategy to reach both our income and capital growth objectives.

The scope of this meet-up group is to share experiences and tips about trading; to illustrate a strategy which doesn't require a master in technical analysis to be implemented; to develop new hedging strategies to protect our money from the market turbulences which lay ahead.

The scope of this meet-up group is NOT to provide its members with any specific investment recommendations in any form or market.

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