What we're about

Bicycling and camping go together like peanut butter and jelly. So strap your tent or hammock on your bike, and let's go sleep in the woods! All levels of fitness and camping experience welcome.

Join our Discord server here: https://discord.gg/NCcGrxkNgv (optional)

Visit the Triangle Bike Camping website for more resources, unofficial events, and more!

You should attend our meetup if you enjoy:

  • riding your bike
  • camping
  • packing heavy
  • packing light
  • huffing it up hills
  • party pace
  • perfecting your portable coffee setup

There are four types of events:

  • Meet, Greet, and Plan: plan future camping trips, no bike required
  • Cruise: ride around town and typically end with food and/or drinks
  • Campout: ride somewhere together and camp for the night
  • Tour: like a campout, but more than one night and more miles per day

Upcoming events (2)

Meet, Greet, and Gear Trade

The Big Field at Dix Park

This is a special edition of our usual meet and greet. Bring old gear you wish to trade, sell, or give away, and peruse what other members have to offer. Please keep your items limited to cycling and camping gear. You may want to bring a blanket to lay out your items and a camp chair if you plan on staying awhile!

In case of inclement weather, we will reschedule for the next day (April 30th).

Campout: Umstead

All-Star Bike Shops


You must attend a meet and greet or cruise meetup before this campout to attend. I will message you ahead of time if I have not met you. If you cannot make any of the other meetups, message me and we can meet ahead of time. This is to ensure you know what you're getting into!

This will be a slow ride (~10-13mph average). We will not drop anybody unless you have a complete mechanical failure and can't fix your bike to continue the ride. We'll make sure you get a ride from there if you need to!

Umstead does have gravel trails, so you'll want wide tires for this ride. Feel free to post a message if you need any advice on what to bring or aren't sure about your bike's capabilities. I do recommend you do at least a little bit of biking in Umstead prior to this trip.

You must bring a helmet and front/rear lights in order to ride with us.

Route: https://www.strava.com/routes/3071145643311451710
Campground: https://goo.gl/maps/7DmVDFerfyE9A7mRA

Note that you cannot leave your car overnight in this parking lot. I suggest parking in a nearby residential neighborhood and biking to our meetup location.

3:30pm - Meet at All Star on Wade Avenue
4:00pm - Depart for Umstead
5:00pm (approx) - Arrive at campground


  • your bike
  • a helmet
  • front/rear lights
  • flat fixin' kit
  • bike lock
  • sleep system (tent or hammock, sleeping bag, sleeping pad, small hammer, etc)
  • snacks, dinner, and breakfast
  • coffee
  • water bottles (filled!)
  • layered clothing
  • headlamp
  • bug spray


  • cookware
  • stove
  • utensils
  • pillow
  • chair
  • pocket knife
  • matches/lighter
  • off-the-bike clothes
  • rain jacket
  • fresh clothes for the ride back
  • camp shoes
  • towel
  • books
  • camera
  • cards/games

If you are interested in being a sweeper for this ride, please let me know! If you would like to drive a support vehicle, we need one of those, too!


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Meet, Greet, and Plan

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