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What we’re about

Bicycling and camping go together like peanut butter and jelly. So strap your tent or hammock on your bike, and let's go sleep in the woods! All levels of fitness and camping experience welcome.

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Visit the Triangle Bike Camping website for more resources, unofficial events, and more!

You should attend our meetup if you enjoy:

  • riding your bike
  • camping
  • packing heavy
  • packing light
  • huffing it up hills
  • party pace
  • perfecting your portable coffee setup

There are four types of events:

  • Meet, Greet, and Plan: plan future camping trips, no bike required
  • Cruise: ride around town and typically end with food and/or drinks
  • Campout: ride somewhere together and camp for the night
  • Tour: like a campout, but more than one night and more miles per day

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