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If you like to create things in the world -- you might be a maker!

We're a group of people in the Triangle area interested in making new things. We're about learning and teaching and spreading the ideas of making. Oh, and we insist on having fun while we do that!

Sometimes the things we make are beautiful, sometimes they're useful, and sometimes what results isn't quite wonderful. The attempt, the joy of making, is what it is really all about.

This group is open to everyone. Regardless of your expertise. If you sew, or do string art, or wire arduinos to feed your hamster -- that is making. If you paint, do sculpture, work with clay, woodwork, or design and print objects, you are welcome. Some of the most fascinating things come from the cross-pollination that occurs when people from different areas of expertise interact.

This group has been a fantastic place to share ideas and to meet other makers from across the Triangle Area. In the interest of continuing this community of creatives, it is my hope that we can imbue this group with a new passion to gather and grow in 2019. The upcoming meetings will focus on our future as an online & offline community and how we may better connect with other like minded folks in this area.

I encourage you all to participate in that conversation.


-Wes Swain

January 22, 2019 - 120 Members

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1st Annual Swap Meat!! A Tool/Materials Exchange + Cookout!

This is a brand new event for our group and it is open to makers, tinkerers, crafts people of all kinds, and their families! The hope is that is spurs creativity, and maker spirit and real sense of community among our members. Bring any spare parts, tools, and materials for making stuff to trade or giveaway! Scrounge around in that junk drawer for extra buttons, switches, electronics boards, popcicle sticks, assorted googly eyes...you name it.... Even bring some stuff to disassemble for parts (i.e. VCR's or that *one* annoying electronic kid's toy) and let's void some warranties! Anything not taken, traded or dismantled needs to return home. Electronics soldering stations will be setup for both older/responsible kids and even adults to give it a whirl! Other creative/crafting activities will be setup as well. Post below if there is something else you would like to see! We will be grilling up hot dogs and burgers for lunch along with the rest of the menu provided by our community in a potluck style. Food /Supplies Signup link is available here: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E0E4BA9AA2EA4FA7-july The energy behind this inaugural Swap Meat seems pretty strong and if we have a solid turnout, we would love to have this as a reoccuring event! While this is a free event, there were costs involved, so donations are appreciated if you feel moved or inspired to do so. :) We hope to see you there!

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Makers Meeting - An Intro to 3D Printing

Cary Cofounders Lab

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