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Modern Web launches in the Triangle this October with a co-hosted event and a variety of speakers to kick off the week of All Things Open!

Join us for our kick-off event, a front-end packed night, and get ready to see more of us in 2017!

Our 7 Co-Hosts: RTP AngularJS (, Triangle Ember (, Triangle React (, Code Craftsmanship Saturdays (, Triangle NodeJS (, TriangleJS (, Triangle AngularJS (

Topics & Speakers:

Keynote Speaker: Simon MacDonald

What's New With Apache Cordova/PhoneGap

Learn what's new in the Apache Cordova/PhoneGap ecosystem.

We are always striving to make it easier for developers to get started developing mobile applications. To that end we've developed a number of applications templates to boot strap your app.

We've also been hard at work enhancing plugins like Push Notifications to remove the headache of getting setup and testing without a device. Also, we've introduced new plugins that are powered by Adobe's Creative SDK so you can add a powerful image editing component and sharing with desktop tools.

Speaking of desktop tools, we continue to add functionality to the PhoneGap Desktop and Developers apps. With these tools you can do most of your development in the browser without needing to setup Xcode and Android Studio. But if that is your jam we are making strides towards embedding the CordovaWebView into native apps even easier than what is available today.

Keynote Speaker: Thomas Cameron

A Quick Overview of the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform

How the Red Hat Mobile Application Platform enables MBaaS integration, security, control and innovation, agility and speed to market, collaboration, and flexibility.

Topic 1: Component Patterns and Anti-Patterns in Ember

Speaker: Todd Jordan, EmberJS Learning Core Team, Software Developer, Interactive Intelligence

Using components unlock many benefits, including modularity, reuse, reliable data flow, and increased rendering performance. We'll show and explain different component patterns that we've seen and used while developing a large Ember application and ecosystem at Interactive Intelligence. We'll useful component patterns and when to use them, as well as patterns that can prove harmful.

Topic 2: Mind Stretching Type Gymnastics (Featuring PureScript)

Speaker: Robert Fischer, CTO Axial Exchange

PureScript is a functional programming language that interops and transpiles to JavaScript. In this talk, Robert is going to use the PureScript REPL to demonstrate how types can not just provide safety to your code, but actually let the compiler “magic up” an implementation.

Topic 3: Building a Web Application with React.JS and Node.JS

Speaker: Jean-Marcel Belmont

Building a rich FrontEnd UI with React.js, React-Router, Redux and a Robust Backend System with Node.js, and Express.js. This presentation will demonstrate how to build an isomorphic application (JavaScript FrontEnd and Backend) complete with unit tests in Mocha.js and snapshot testing with Jest (React.js testing library that helps test components).

JavaScript Panel Discussion

Speakers: Seth Rhodes, Julie David, Robert Fischer, Todd Jordan, and Jean-Marcel Belmont

A panel discussion on JavaScript.


630 - Registration & Food

700 - Welcome & Announcements

710 - Keynote talk with Simon MacDonald

730 - Keynote talk with Thomas Cameron

735 - Talk 1

755 - Talk 2

815 - JavaScript Jeopardy!

825 - Talk 3

845 - Panel Discussion

900 - End & Networking


Thank you to MetLife for sponsoring the events space!

Thank you to Resolvit for sponsoring food and MetLife for sponsoring the space!


Can't wait for October? Check out our site for podcasts and videos related to JavaScript. Or follow us on Twitter @modernweb_