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I will be having a small get together in honor of the birth of the Great Sir Isaac Newton. During the duration of this humble Newtonian gathering I ask that you follow four simple rules. If you fail to follow any of these rules you will promptly be escorted to Aperture Laboratories to determine the cause of your rebellion.

1. If you are at rest or in motion you must continue to be at rest or in motion until something else acts on you.

2. When you accelerate make sure you do it in the same direction as the net force acting on you and inversely proportional to your mass.

3. For every action that someone else performs on you, please give them an action of equal magnitude but opposite direction.

4. Make sure you attract everyone in the room with a force directly proportional to the product of your mass and their mass and inversely proportional to the square of the distance between your centers.

The plans for the evening will include good food, drink, and socialization. If the mood strikes us, I will have on hand several skeptically themed movies: ( Contact, October Sky, Agora, The Dish to name a few) to watch as well as board games. Please feel free to bring anything you might want to share activity wise.

Please bring a snack/appetizer to share. Anything apple is encouraged but is not necessary. I will provide apple pie for dessert, some wassail, a few nonalcoholic beverages and spinach and artichoke dip.

Parking is available on Gorman St. Please do not park in the complex parking lot as spaces are permit only and you may be towed.