What we're about

This is a meetup for dogs and their handlers to get together and work on good manners, socialization Tricks and more using rewards based/positive training. This is an opportunity to practice, share and learn from each other. This is a group for dog lovers, trainers and training enthusiasts who want to get together with like-minded people who want to have fun and do more with their dogs!

To strengthen our bond with our dogs we will have training dates, socialization walks, hiking and so much more. There will be regular workshops covering topics such as training techniques, behavioral issues, canine body language, dog sports, dog acting/modeling, Therapy dogs etc…

As this group grows we will be able to add more frequent events, activities and workshops. Your input, ideas and suggestions are encouraged and welcomed.

For everyone’s comfort and safety, please abide by the following rules:

1. Your dog is current on his/her vaccinations and wearing their county license/rabies tag

2. Your dog is not aggressive towards other dogs or humans

3. No “nose to nose” contact with other dogs until they are socialized with each other (some dogs like humans they need their space so keep some distance)

4. Be kind to each other, this is not a competition, this is about having fun with your dog!

5. No breed discrimination, all dogs are welcome

6. Dogs shall be in a well fitted collar or harness

7. No retractable/flexi leashes, 4' to 6' leashes only

8. Bring your dog a bowl, water, poop bags and high value training rewards (If you clicker train, bring your clicker)

We will be primarily be meeting in local parks in Western Pasco County so please brush up on your basic obedience commands (sit, down, stay and come).

Looking forward to meeting all of you and your dogs!

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