Apache Guacamole and Cloud in a Box


Presenters: Nick Couchman and Brian Mullan
Location: NCSU College of Textiles, 1020 Main Campus Dr., Room 2207 (https://trilug.org/meetings/)


This month we will have two exciting presentations for the price of one!

First presentation will be an overview of Guacamole which is a clientless remote desktop gateway (only a web browser required - no plugins, no software installs) which provides * Remote Desktop: Support for common remote desktop protocols * RDP * SSH * Telnet * VNC * Gateway: Web-based, authentication, and permission control

Next presentation will be a project called CIAB Remote Desktop System which utilizes Guacamole, Tomcat8, NGINX, MySQL and XRDP (as an RDP server for linux) and LXD containers. This will also include a live demo utilizing the CIAB software installed on an AWS EC2 server instance.

You can participate! This demo system has 75 user accounts pre-configured so all of the TriLug attendees will be able to use their laptop web browser to access a MATE Desktop running in an LXD container on that EC2 Server. The Guacamole/Tomcat/NGINX/MySQL/XRDP are installed and running in a separate LXD container on that EC2 Server.


Nick Couchman is a Coty Inc. Linux Systems Engineer and Apache Guacamole Project Engineer

Brian Mullan is a CIAB author/integrator, long-time Linux/LXD user, retired Cisco Worldwide Advanced Service Broadband Manager, and CCIE #1134

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How to Get to the Meeting
- DO NOT USE GPS TO GET TO THE BUILDING. It will get you to the wrong address. Use the drawings in https://trilug.org/meetings/