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Durham Discussion of "Microinteractions"

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Our next book that we'll be meeting to discuss Microinteractions by Dan Saffer.

You can buy the book directly from the publisher:

From O'Reilly:

It’s the little things that turn a good digital product into a great one. With this practical book, you’ll learn how to design effective microinteractions: the small details that exist inside and around features. How can users change a setting? How do they turn on mute, or know they have a new email message?

Through vivid, real-world examples from today’s devices and applications, author Dan Saffer walks you through a microinteraction’s essential parts, then shows you how to use them in a mobile app, a web widget, and an appliance. You’ll quickly discover how microinteractions can change a product from one that’s tolerated into one that’s treasured.

• Explore a microinteraction’s structure: triggers, rules, feedback, modes, and loops

• Learn the types of triggers that initiate a microinteraction

• Create simple rules that define how your microinteraction can be used

• Help users understand the rules with feedback, using graphics, sounds, and vibrations

• Use modes to let users set preferences or modify a microinteraction

• Extend a microinteraction’s life with loops, such as “Get data every 30 seconds”

• Free lot next to Fishmonger’s on Main Street.
• Paid lot (Epocrates will validate) in front of Morgan Imports/Parker & Otis also off of Main St at the corner of Main and Gregson.
• Free parking after hours along Peabody Street.

Enter at the door with the awning at the corner of Peabody and Gregson (look for a TriUXPA sign). Go through the door on the left of the entry-way. The room is on the right in the hall (look for the Epocrates logo and another TriUXPA sign). The room is very easy to find as long as you enter at this corner.

Location Protip: bring a sweater. For some reason the air conditioning in that room can be out of control.