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Zero Form Practice
The Zero Form Practice is foundational component of the Fighting Monkey Practice. Our focus will be on the Stillness Practice and it's many postures and on sections of the Father Form. Sessions are $15.

East River Promenade

East River Promenade · New York

What we're about

TRU MOVMNT is about researching, applying, and making accessible universal movement patterns. It's about human movement and how we can practice relevant patterns so as to live more healthy, fulfilled and sustainable lifestyles. It's about the longevity of the human species and not about ego driven fitness.

TRU is a lifestyle, not a fad. It's cooperative (not isolationist), like nature. It depends on partnership, connection and community.

TRU understands the need for community for the health and longevity of our species.

TRU is Tangible. Relevant. Universal. MOVMNT.

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