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Crypto Tech Dev on Bitcoin Cash Blockchain with Gabriel Cardona from BitBox

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Every 2 months on the 4th Saturday until November 23, 2018

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Instant Blockchain

Your own BitcoinCash blockchain to configure however you choose. This blockchain is created from scratch each time you start BITBOX. It doesn’t connect to the real network and only consists of transactions and blocks which you create locally so it’s quick and responsive. Execute commands from the command line and client/server.

Visual Mnemonic & HD Path

Generate any number of BIP 44 accounts. Toggle their addresses between cashaddr/base58 as well as mainnet/testnet. Easily view the private key in wallet import format (WIF) and extended public (xpub) and private (xpriv) keys. Vary the amount of entropy from 16 bytes up to 32 bytes creating shorter/longer mnemonics. Set a custom mnemonic and/or HD Derivation Path. Optionally use a password.

Full framework

Create new $BCH apps in react, angular, nexjs and nodejs w/ bitbox new PROJECT_NAME --scaffold react. Create a blank app w/ bitbox new PROJECT_NAME. Test your code against a local blockchain or remote full running node. Dozens of utility methods to accelerate how quickly you can create your app

BITBOX has so far focused on giving you tools to build great $BCH apps. However once you have a working app you need cloud infrastructure to deploy, host and scale your app. You need an ecosytem of add-ons to take your app to the next level. For that there’s BITBOX Cloud.