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What we’re about

This group is for single professionals, meaning those who are not married and not in a relationship or engaged! 
Here is few Important things you need to know before requesting membership:
***IF You don't answer and complete ALL profile questions, your request will be automatically declined. So before you click submit please check that all is answered. Membership requests with partial answers will not be considered.***
1. Your recent, full face picture is required and your membership will not be approved without it - NO blurry pictures, no pictures of nature, animals, flowers or kids. No pictures with face masks, gigantic sunglasses or anything else that would prevent us to see who we will be meeting in person.
2. Your First name is required as your profile name. No made up names such as Butterfly or Honey B, etc. 
3. We politely ask that you answer all profile questions honestly and truthfully.
4. If you RSVP Yes for an Event where reservation has to be made for the group (restaurants, etc) and/or attendance is limited to specific number of people (five, 10 or 40 people), we expect you to show up or change your RSVP at least 24hrs in advance. If you take a spot and do not show up, or change your RSVP less than 24hrs before event starts - you will be immediately removed from the group.
5. In any other case, if you RSVP yes but are no-show 3 times you will be removed from the group.
6. Be respectful to other members of the group, organizers and staff at the places we visit. This kinda goes without saying and by the age of 30+ or 40+ everyone should know it.
7. Answers to ALL profile questions are required. Partial answers will result in declined membership.
8. Pictures might be taken at each event and shared on our page and other social media. If you don't want your pictures taken and shared please excuse yourself and step aside before picture is taken. Organizers will not remove or edit pictures later on just to remove you from it. 
9. This is a Private Group and Membership is not guaranteed. Your request could be declined and members could be removed from the group at any time. 
10. By requesting to join our group you acknowledge that you read and agree to all of the above!
This group is for Single Professionals who are between 30 and 50 years old. This group is sponsored by a Real Estate Company.