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What we’re about

We are a group of volleyball players providing opportunities to play volleyball on sand courts at varying skill levels in the Cary-Apex-Durham-Raleigh area. We are strictly a recreational group and not a professional league. However, basic knowledge (bump, set, spike) is required, if you have never played before, this is not the group for you. We reserve court at local public courts. Everyone is expected to follow basic volleyball etiquette and play to the best of their ability. This includes illegal contact calls against one's own team as well as against the opponent. We provide constructive feedback. Above all, we want our members to have fun playing sand volleyball.

TSV-REC is for lower level to intermediate players.
If you already consider yourself to be a high intermediate to advanced player, then we suggest you try out the B and BB level groups instead of REC:

Annual Membership Dues: 2024 Update!
There is a non-refundable $70 annual membership fee that is due after your first meetup attendance with the group. This covers your membership for the calendar year (March 1st - November 30th). This fee is not prorated, whether you join the group in March or October, the cost of membership is still $70.

[Current players] paid AFTER February 15th, 2024, your dues amount is $80.***

--If you are in B Group AND Rec Group (Current players):
$100 before February 15th
$110 after February 15th

The membership fee is to help the organizer(s) pay to use the service/application and to pay for volleyball court rental/reservation fees. For reference, it costs several thousand dollars for a calendar year of city/town volleyball court rentals. No money will go to the organizers for profit.

There are 2 ways of paying this membership fee:
1.) PayPal:
**(select the Friends/Family option - NOT Business)**
2.) Bring CASH to one of the events and give it to the host that night.

Personal Conduct:
There will be zero tolerance of members abusing the organizers, fellow members, gossiping, or creating strife in the group. Unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated. Any evidence of such abuse, the organizers have the right and will remove members from the groups at their discretion.
This group is for adults 18 and over. Play at your own risk! We're not affiliated with any league or organization, we don't have insurance, and we assume no liability for anything. By joining, you agree to hold the organizer(s) not responsible for any injuries, or liabilities of any kind.

Lastly, we want to make sure we are courteous of each other's time as well as the limited amount of available court space. With this in mind, here are the rules to follow for RSVPs:
- If you RSVP Yes, then please be sure to be there on time.
-If your plans change, be sure to update your RSVP to "No" as soon as possible. This will open a spot for another member who may be on the waiting list.
-No walk-on's will be allowed. This meetup is geared for *Members only* and each event has an RSVP limit.
- REC volleyball events typically run for 2-3 hours from the start time of the event. Do not RSVP Yes to an event unless you can commit to playing for at least 2 hours that day. We typically can fit in two rounds of games within the 2 hours - but please be prepared to stay for the full two rounds of play. A round is 3 games, where each of the 4 teams get to play each other before we mix up teams and start a new round of play.
- RSVP's close 2 hours before the start time of the Event. If you drop after this (except for emergency and notify the host) you will be marked as a No Show.
-The option to bring a guest is to allow them the opportunity to try out the group to see whether it is a good fit. If your guest likes the group, they should create their own profile and join. If you bring a guest, they are your responsibility, so make sure they show up!
-If you are a member of multiple meetup groups, double dipping is not allowed, so do not RSVP for more than one group the same day/time.
**-Two no shows when RSVP'd Yes (without notification) will result in being removed from the group (**no refund will be granted).

  • Have a question? Feel free to email: Or through the Meetup Application.

Thank you for interest in this group and we hope to see you on the volleyball court!