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Dash with Dash
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Every two or so weeks (monthly? whenever?) have a people/dog training run (5K or however far dogs can comfortably go at the time). Since it's cooler out now, dogs can sleep in vehicles if we go for after-event drinks. Warmer times, we can picnic for a little while. How serendipitous that my dog's name is Dash! (Jon: borrow a dog! :-P) We can put the runs on calendars of other meetup groups we attend. We can also charge a really small fee for a little fundraising (?) that covers the cost of some treats and water. (Plus a box of protein bars and Milk Bones?)

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Our Group: This group centers around the lifestyle of socializing with our dogs and increasing awareness of how dogs are true partners to humans.

Extra Fun: Among our everyday events you'll find the random dog-friendly event that doesn't have anything to do with a run or a hike, but ALWAYS a great cause!

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Your Favorite Dog-centric Causes: BARCS, SPCA, BMORE HUMANE, NALA ... If you have a fundraiser in mind that supports any dog-related organization, please feel free to contact me and we consider it for the calendar!

Suggest a Meetup! As members, you may suggest a meetup and if three members say they're going... you're on! :-) This should, hopefully, help to add events that are peppered all over our area!

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