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What we’re about

This is a support and open resources group for childhood narcissistic abuse survivors, or the people that love them.
My name is Jess. Walk and talk with me :)
I’m a Registered Nurse with information to share.
Our discussions will be combined with light activity. As we move, you’ll physically process sensitive information. You’ll learn about critical nuances of a brain formed during times of overwhelming stress, which results in Complex, or Childhood PTSD.

What is CPTSD, and how does childhood trauma leave us stuck in early developmental phases?
For someone with ongoing or multiple traumatic experiences in childhood, it can be very difficult to know where to start recovery, or even what it is you’re trying to recover from. For this reason, I’ll share resources and information to help you clear away confusion and emotional clutter. The goal is to recognize what is useful and divest from what isn’t. Specific types of therapy and self-improvement techniques work to impact the mental well-being of a body with CPTSD, and others just don’t. There’s a lot of conventional therapy wisdom that doesn’t apply well to this set of circumstances.
I wasted a lot of time before I understood that, and I want you to benefit from my efforts. We should, and can, all feel good in our bodies and about ourselves.

The latest neurological, physiological and endocrinological research findings massively update our knowledge on the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACES). I’ll be demonstrating easy, go-to negative pattern interruptors, and I’ll help you integrate this info so that it’s imminently useful to you.
Not everything you’ll learn is a piece of cake to implement, but after our first meeting, you'll have ways to help you regulate your nervous system on demand.

This group would be useful in addition to therapy, or can inform your choices about future therapy. It can also be a supplement for those who haven’t committed to, or don’t have the resources to work with someone at present.

As the child of a malignant narcissist, I believe that narcissism is as big a threat to the survival of humans as global warming. From now on, attention to our beneficial evolution is how we exercise our due diligence to humanity.
We improve.
We get inspired.
We create.
We neurologically and chemically undo damage. Yes, I said, “undo.” It’s just science.

Life can feel difficult, my friends. It's not our fault we were influenced and programmed by people so badly damaged that they were compelled to damage others. But we can update our personal operating systems to improve how we feel about our interactions with the world.

This isn’t a group dedicated to dwelling in the past. This is a future-focused, positive results-seeking group. Let’s get on with enjoying this life experience.