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The focus of this group is practical metaphysics and unfolding your own psychic ability (whether you are a beginner or advanced). An explanation is below on how this Meetup works. The overall objective of these meetings is making metaphysics useful in daily life. It is having a clear inner sense of what is really going on and what is best to do in your work and with family and friends. There are fun and simple ways to buffer yourself from the pressure and stress of the world and to stay relaxed and tuned into your inner feeling, hearing, knowing and seeing (Feeling, Intuition, Prophecy and Vision). These meetings formerly held in many cities across the US and abroad are now held on Zoom. There are four steps used to develop your psychic skills for more information check out: https://innerpeacemessage.com/simple-steps/

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Discovering Your New Spiritual Horizons Online Intensive Workshop

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Use above link to register for this interactive event.

If you are like most spiritual searchers, you have a pretty good understanding about a lot of stuff. Good, important stuff.
Yet you still struggle to trust yourself and sail smoothly through your life without getting caught in situations that create stress & self-doubt.

In this workshop, you will heal a lot of that stress and fill in some missing pieces.

We are going to take a realistic look at where you fit in with and your responsibilities to:
• Yourself
• Your Spiritual Helpers
• Your Loved Ones
• Planet Earth
• and the Universe.

In this 3 1/2-hour workshop you will learn and experience:

• Techniques to buffer you from negativity and create deep instantaneous relaxation at any time.
• Why you are here on Planet Earth, where you came from and the reason why you attracted the environment and people in your life.
• Raise your energy/aura to a 100% positive and relaxed vibration. Using this simple technique will instantly attune you to your Angels and the solutions they offer.
• Techniques where you will experience your spiritual sensitivity, your healing touch and psychometry, using your Clairaudient first impressions. Another technique is the Spiritual Cleansing of the aura. This will increase your protection from negativity.
• Effectively use your Psychic Sensitivity to discern what is REALLY going on in your environment and how to re-direct negativity.
• How to make your Life Purpose the inner reference point for making difficult decisions.
• The power of being the authentic you; The Real You.
By the end of this workshop, you will create a profound, lasting sense of inner peace as THE REAL YOU blossoms.
Enjoy sharing and interacting with like-minded people who respect your opinions and want to learn from your experiences.
Two steps to register: RSVP to this site AND click on link below to register and pay investment of $45.00.
https://newspiritualhorizons.com/nsh-step-2/ and check email back for zoom link to be sent to you.

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