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Tucson Inventor Group "First Thursday" Monthly Meeting at Rusty's
Put it on your schedule; Tucson Inventor Group Meetings are the first Thursday of every Month! Please RSVP now! Simply click the "I'm Going" button. Thank you! About the Tucson Inventor Group Having a new idea is just the "first step" in a long journey to success! We are here to support each other as inventors! You will be sitting in a diverse room full of expertise in a variety of fields! Maybe you can find a strategic expert partner, or find the part you are looking for, or a fabricator to build what you need. We invite you to join us for a night of food, drinks, education, and networking. We request a donation of $5 per person at the meeting. This is collected onsite and will help us cover event costs. About Dinner at the Meeting- Please support our meeting venue; buy food and drink! We usually eat dinner and talk in the beginning hour of the meeting. Full dinner menu available at Rusty's. Lots of good food to choose from! Beverages, Beer, Wine, and Cocktails will be available to order as well. Are You NEW to our Group? Consider following our TIG Project Flowchart ( to see what step you are on as a starting point for discussion. Answer the guidance questions on it. This will help to organize your points of discussion. Take group feedback notes on "actionable items" and "new leads" to further your idea! If you are concerned about privacy, there are several ways to protect your idea, file a provisional patent, speak in a limited manner or discuss only a specific part that you need help with! After the Meetup try to work on the next steps. Prepare to share your success or challenges at the next meeting. We are your support group! We want to see you find success or realize an unfruitful idea so you can move on to the next one! Either way, progress is the key! Can you help us? We are looking for guest speakers who would be willing to share their expertise! Patent Lawyers, Licensing Experts, Successful Inventors, Market Integration Experts, or Anyone with Services or Expertise to offer the group! If you have an idea please share; message Luke our group Coordinator on Meetup

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Welcome Inventors! In this support group we openly discuss projects and offer feedback and networking to each other. Our goal is to help you get your invention to the next step on the long journey to success. We will hold meetings, presentations, demos etc at various places in town.

If you'd like to start a discussion, then click on the homepage top menu on "Discussions" then "Start a new discussion". This will allow you to have online discussions between meetings.

Check out uploaded files at the homepage top menu by clicking on "More" then click on "Files". ***This is where our Non Disclosure Agreement is located! The TIG Inventor Flowchart can be downloaded here as well! This is a must have tool, if you have not seen it yet.

Anyone can upload files here hence you can refer to a file in a discussion as well.

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