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Tulsa.rb Semiannual Meetup

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Wassim M. and Tim M.


Tulsa Ruby User Group Meetup

This month at Tulsa.rb, Tim Morgan and Wassim Metallaoui each are doing a 30-45 minute talk on Rails and React related topics.

Tim Morgan - Using Ruby for Everyday Tasks (or, Ruby Without Rails)
Wassim Metallaoui - Replacing CRUD Views with React

We both work for a company called Planning Center that has apps used by millions of people written using Rails and React. We love our jobs and would enjoy telling you about the continuous developer hiring we are doing. If you have any Rails and React experience, please come, enjoy a couple of relevant talks and hear about some great opportunities.

We are only hosting an event or two per year and space is limited, so don't miss out. If you're interested in Rails or React, come to join us and speak to people who program in it every day for their careers. We would love to answer any questions you have!

36 East Cameron Street · Tulsa, OK
11 spots left