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NEW YEAR'S DAY SAIL! (Prize Draw - Skippers eligible see below).

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Dorrie C. and Richard K.
NEW YEAR'S DAY SAIL!   (Prize Draw - Skippers eligible see below).


Note that we are meeting later than usual. Meet on deck of Marina coffee shop. There is a DRAW PRIZE each month for any skipper attending who signed up before 6:00pm on previous day (if there are more than 3 skippers)

Crew members looking for a skipper, please indicate this in the Comments section when you sign up.

Length of event will depend on conditions and might run a little longer than indicated. Cruise direction and duration determined by participants. Channel 9 for contact.

Skippers invite their own crew from the website or elsewhere.


  1. We currently have very limited capacity to support first-time/new sailors.
  2. You are always welcome to join us for coffee/social events to get to know the Bunch, We cannot guarantee a spot on a boat.
  3. Ensuring you have a complete profile, with details about your sailing experience, is the best way for a skipper to identify whether you'd be a fit for their boat. Some may be willing to take out inexperienced sailors, while others will be looking for at least a basic level of knowledge and experience.
  4. If you are looking for a skipper to take you, please indicate this when you sign up.


  1. A life jacket. Some skippers have a spare to lend
  2. Bring a snack and beverage if you are going to be out for a while (skippers also welcome the occasional token of thanks!)
  3. It is always cooler on the water. Dress in layers that can be be adapted to the conditions. Wear flat shoes with non-slip non-marking soles and bring a pair of sailing gloves (climbing gloves with leather palms and fingers are also suitable).

There are risks of injury and death involved in sailing. You are responsible for your own safety and must assess the situation for yourself. (This includes an assessment of the skipper, the crew, the boat and the conditions. The more challenging the conditions the more confident you want to be about who you are going with.)

The skipper is always responsible for the safety of their vessel and crew, and has the final decision on who may sail aboard their vessel.

Turkey Head Sailing Bunch
Turkey Head Sailing Bunch
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