• TurkishTech Monthly Brunch [Virtual Coffee Chat]

    Online event

    We are meeting and networking online.

  • Almanya'ya Göç Süreçleri ve Değişim

    engelnest coworking space

    Konuşmacımız, Almanya Türk Toplumu eski başkanı Kenan Kolat, Almanya'ya göç süreçlerini, bu süreçlerdeki temel yaklaşımları ve Almanya'daki değişimi anlatacak. 18:30'da kapilar acilacak ve 19:00'da etkinlik baslayacaktir.

  • TurkishTech Monthly Brunch @talent.io

    talent.io Recruitment GmbH

    Our brunch in February will take place at talent.io's offices, our kind sponsors for location and food. The location is Liegnitzer Straße 34, 10999 Berlin, just ring talent.io at the door when you arrive. talent.io is a free online platform for tech professionals to be visible to top tech companies when they are ready to find their next job. It is used by many tech companies across Germany as their platform to find tech professionals to join their tech teams. Ready to connect with Berlin companies hiring developers? Find us here: http://bit.ly/36myMdj

  • Expert Talks: Hunt for money, fundraising in competitive markets

    ThoughtWorks Berlin Deutschland GmbH

    Expert Talks: Hunt for money, fundraising in competitive markets - A fireside chat with Sercan Esen Join us on Monday, January 20th for an interesting fireside chat about fundraising as a co-founder in competitive markets. Sercan Esen will be telling us about his experiences as an entrepreneur who recently raised a seed investment for his AI-powered workplace safety platform, Intenseye. 🎟7:00 PM - Doors open. 7:30 PM Event starts. 💬Event language: English 🔥Fireside chat - 40 mins: Sercan will be answering the questions of Bahadir, long time friend and ex co-founder who is also a tech-entrepreneur. We will be listening to Sercan’s story about fundraising, VCs and New York’s startup ecosystem. 💬 Q&A - 20 mins: We will have an interactive Q&A sessions after the fireside chat. 🎤 Guest: Sercan Esen - Co-Founder of Intenseye Sercan Esen graduated from Bogazici University Management Information Systems. He started his career at Sony as a software engineer and take a part in the global development projects. He led several teams with the projects including brain-computer Interfaces, artificial intelligence, virtual reality technologies. He was invited twice to Tokyo innovation forums. Later he worked as artificial intelligence consultant in the field of computer vision. What makes Sercan’s story interesting for us is his latest achievements in his New York based startup Intenseye, an AI-powered video analytics platform for workplace safety. Manufacturing facilities connect their existing cameras to our cloud software within minutes without any hardware or sensor requirements. Intenseye’s deep learning models then analyze worker body posture, personal protective equipment, and danger zone violations in real time. 🎙Host: Bahadir Efeoglu - Co- Founder of Fabrikator.io Bahadir Efeoglu, graduated from Bogazici University Management Information Systems. He started his career in data science and carried different roles in various industries as a digital product manager. He continues his product career at Marley Spoon in Berlin. At the same time, also he runs his latest venture Fabrikator.io as a co-founder. 📜Code of Conduct All participants need to accept the Thoughtworks Germany Code of Conduct. Read our CoC here: https://www.thoughtworks.com/code-of-conduct-germany

  • Expert Talks: Culture Leads Quality

    engelnest coworking space

    This event will be held in turkish. Icerik Hakkinda: Bugun neler konusacagiz? Gunumuzde pek çok girişimde veya orta çaplı firmalarda herkes mümkün oldugunca hızlı ve kaliteli üretim yapmanın pesinde. Pek çoğumuz bu savaşın içerisinde güncel olarak yaşıyor veya bu durumu yönetmeye calisiyoruz. Belli pratikler faydalı, belli pratikler yetersiz kalıyor. Bunun temelinde ise maalesef çok basit bir sebep, kultur yatiyor. Durumun kultur eksikligi olmasına ragmen takim uyeleri, baski veya baska sebeplerle üstünde durmayıp genelde daha baska pratikler arama eğilimine giriyorlar. Ben de bu noktada, kalite departmanında calisan kisilerin, bu sorumluluğu alıp, takimi daha ileriye taşıyabileceklerini göstermek uzere bu sunumu hazirladim. Katiliminizla daha da keyifli hale gelecek etkinliğimiz de umarım hep birlikte kazanım elde edebiliriz. Konusmaci hakkinda: Tunc Kavaklioglu Kimdir? 1 seneden fazla suredir Berlin’de yaşıyorum. Daha oncesinde Istanbul’da çeşitli firma ve sektörlerde kalite uzerine calistim. Kendime hedef olarak kurumların kalite algisini geliştirerek, uretimlerindeki kulturun kalite olmasını sectim. Bu doğrultuda sunumlar, eğitimler ve calismalar surduruyorum. Bir yandan da, özellikle ülkemizde, sorgulayan bir nesil yetiştirilmesi konusunda calışmalar yapmak icin girişimde bulunuyorum. Guncel olarak Finleap Connect firmasında Kidemli Kalite Mühendisiyim.

  • TurkishTech Monthly Brunch

    engelnest coworking space

    This month we are doing our brunch meetup at Engelnest co-working space. As for food, various food will be offered, brought from one of the local bakeries, tea and coffee will be provided as self-service. To cover the catering costs, each participant is expected to contribute 6 to 10 Eur, which will be decided by the participant. As we have a follow-up event at the same location, the brunch will start and end punctually between 11:30 - 13:30, and the next event will start by latest 2 PM. // Bu ayki kahvalti bulusmamizi Engelnest co-working space'de yapiyoruz. Yiyecek olarak buradaki yerel pastahaneden aldigimiz urunler, cay ve kahve self-servis olarak sunulacak. Yiyecek icecek masraflarini karsilamak icin her gelenden 6 ile 10 Euro arasinda miktarini kendileri belirleyecekleri bir katki yapmalari bekleniyor. Ayni gun ayni mekanda ikinci bir etkinligimiz olacagi icin kahvalti 11:30-13:30 arasi yapilacak, ve ikinci etkinligimiz en gec 14:00'te baslayacaktir.

  • Career opportunities: Finding and changing jobs in Germany

    Münzstraße 23

    Are you looking to find your dream job in Germany or looking for new opportunities? Do you want to know what you should keep in mind when applying for a job in Germany? Then, we would be glad to invite you to our next event. In cooperation with Taledo, Turkish Tech Berlin and it's organizer Hasan Özdemir are organizing a meetup in Berlin on the topic: "Career opportunities: Finding and changing jobs in Germany." The talk session will include topics such as salary expectations, tax differences amongst Turkey and Germany, as well as tips on how to improve your interviews. The event language will be English and Turkish. In the following, you will find a short survey where we kindly ask you to indicate which subtopics might be interesting for you to discuss. So, we can talk about something chosen by you. https://taledoevents.typeform.com/to/EgzvyB About the speakers: With a Turkish background and more than ten years of experience in the German market, Taledo’s CEO Melikshah Ünver (former Management consultant at the Boston Consulting Group) and COO Mengühan Ünver (former Online Marketing consultant at Google) possesses great expertise on the topic. As speakers they will introduce you to these topics and lead you through the discussion. So, what is important to keep in mind? Date: 12th December 2019, Thursday | 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM Agenda: 6:30 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. Registration, networking and get-together with finger food and drinks 7:30 p.m. - 9:15 p.m. Interactive Panel and Q & A 8:15 p.m. - 10:00 p.m. Networking for finger food and drinks Location: Münzstudio, Münzstraße 23, 10178 Berlin | Next to U-bhf Weinmeisterstraße (U8) Register your attendance via Turkish Tech Berlin meetup group here. You are welcome to join the Turkish Tech Berlin group on LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/groups/13521204/ If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  • Community Partnership: React Day Berlin 2019


    Turkish Tech Berlin @ React Day We are gathering at React Day Berlin 2019. As community partner of React Day we have received 15% discount for TurkishTechBerlin community members: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/react-day-berlin-2019-tickets-61442110005?discount=TurkishTech We will raffle 1 free full conference ticket at our next meetup on 24th November 2019! Details on how to join the raffle will be announced here and as a mail to our members as well as on our social media channels. See you React Day Berlin 2019! // About React Day Berlin 2019 Take part in the exploration of the React universe! Focusing on in-depth talks, hands-on workshops, and finding new opportunities, React Day Berlin conference (https://reactday.berlin) provides space for everyone to make friends and develop stellar apps together. Join the third edition of the event on December 6, 2019 organized by our friends from GitNation (https://gitnation.org), to celebrate all things React, and meet over 800 engineers who care about their craft just as much as you do. Diversity, sharing of ideas, and critical thinking are the core values when it comes to the selection of the conf’s speakers. Both React’s pros and its rising stars will take over two stages to shed light on all things puzzling your mind, be it architecture, Design Systems, GraphQL, Reason or other. Every year, the conference closely collaborates with communities and partner events across the world to deliver great content a create a global network of React developers. Check details about speakers and talks at https://reactday.berlin, workshops information available here https://reactday.berlin/workshops

  • Community Partnership: Data Natives 2019

    Kühlhaus Berlin

    //Please scroll down for the english version Turkish Tech Berlin, Data Natives konferansinda komünite partneri oldu. * Her katilimcimiza konferans bileti hediye ediyoruz! 25-26 Kasim 2019'da gerceklesecek olan Data Natives konferansi Turkish Tech Berlin grubu mensuplarina bir jest olarak tam konferans bileti veriyor. Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, IoT gibi alanlarda calisiyor veya bu alanlara ilgi duyuyorsaniz bu konferans hem is cevrenizi genisletmek icin hem de yeni bir seyler ogrenmek icin güzel bir firsat. Bilet kazanmak icin sadece sosyal medya'da paylasmaniz yeterli. Bilet dagitimi: 1. Twitter veya LinkedIn'de hakkimizda ufak bir tweet/story paylasan herkes #DN19 bileti kazanacak. (Cok kisa bir süre icin! Kampanya bitiminde bilgisi bu basliga girilecektir.) *** Kampanya sona erdi[masked]:00 *** > Gönderinizde su kelimeler bulunmali: "@DataNativesCon", "#DN19", "@turkishtechorg" ve "#turkishtechberlin" Örnek: "@DataNativesCon #DN19 konferansina katiliyorum. #turkishtechberlin @turkishtechorg" > Twitter'inizda 50 veya daha fazla takipciniz, Linkedin hesabinizda 50 veya daha fazla baglanti olmasi gerekiyor. > Facebook sayfamiza facebook.com/turkishtechorg paylasiminizin ekran görüntüsünü veya linkini (LinkedIn ise) veya tweet'in linkini (Twitter ise) Email adresinizle birlikte mesaj atin. Biletiniz kisa sürede onaylanacak. 2. Eger ekstra bilet kontenjani acilirsa, ekteki form'dan kayit olarak biletinizi alabilirsiniz. Verileriniz[masked]'da silinecektir. https://forms.gle/rW26Z33CediPJRXK7 [FORM_KAPANDI] 3. 24 Kasim'daki etkinligimizde en az bir sansli üyemiz icin canli son dakika cekilisi yaparak bilet vermeyi planliyoruz. Sorularinizi buraya veya Facebook'ta @turkishtechorg a iletebilirsiniz. Data Natives konferansinda bize katilin! https://datanatives.io/conference/schedule-live/ http://bit.ly/2JbE4j0 About Data Natives Data Natives is Europe's leading events platform for the data-driven generation. Born in Berlin, Germany - Data Natives emerged to spur the interaction between startups and businesses within the growing fields of Big Data, AI, Machine Learning and IoT. // EN: TurkishTech has become an official community partner at Data Natives Conference. * We are presenting every participant a conference ticket! Data Natives is giving full conference tickets to Turkish Tech Community for the DN 2019 Conference happening on 25-26th November. If you are working on or interested in fields such as Big Data, AI, Machine Learning, IoT, this conference is a great opportunity to network and learn new things. Ticket distribution: 1. Everyone who shares a mini tweet/story on Twitter or Linkedin will get a DN19 ticket! (for a very limited time! End of the campaign will be announced here in this thread) *** Campaign ended[masked]:00 *** > Post must contain "@DataNativesCon", "#DN19", "@turkishtechorg" and "#turkishtechberlin" Example: "I am joining @DataNativesCon #DN19 #turkishtechberlin @turkishtechorg" > Twitter (50+ followers), Linkedin (50+ connections) > Send a message to our Facebook page facebook.com/turkishtechorg with the link (Twitter) or screenshot/link (LinkedIn) of your post, along with your email address, and we will confirm very soon. 2. In case of we having extra ticket slots opened, register here to get a ticket. Your data will be deleted by[masked]. https://forms.gle/rW26Z33CediPJRXK7 [FORM-CLOSED] 3. We will run a last minute live raffle at our next event on 24th November 2019 for at least one lucky member. Feel free to send your comments or questions to @turkishtechorg in Facebook. Join us at Data Natives 2019 Conference! https://datanatives.io/conference/schedule-live/ http://bit.ly/2JbE4j0 About Data Natives Data Natives is Europe's leading events platform for the data-driven generation. Born in Berlin, Germany - Data Natives emerged to spur the interaction between startups and businesses within the growing fields of Big Data, AI, Machine Learning and IoT.

  • Serüvenler

    engelnest coworking space

    24 Kasim'da brunch etkinligimizin hemen sonrasinda bir oturum baslayacak. Serüvenler Bilisim teknolojileri alaninda calismak istiyorsan, bilgisayar mühendisligi veya yazilimla ilgili bir bölümden mezun degilsen, bu alanda calisan basarili kisilerle tanissam ne iyi olur diyorsan, etkinligimiz tam sana göre, cünkü tam da bu sekilde 3 kariyer hikayesi dinleyecegiz. Konusmacilarimiz bizlerle Berlin'e uzanan kendi serüvenlerini paylasacaklar ve sorularimizi cevaplayacaklar. Konusmacilarimiz hakkinda biraz ön bilgi verelim. Kemal Ardıl Gülez: Büyük kuzeninin ders calismak icin yazdigi kodlari inceleyerek yazilimla tanisti. Oyun dergisi zannederek aldigi derginin html ögreten kitapciklarindan ögrendikleriyle 12 yasinda ilk web sayfasini yapti. ODTÜ'de elektrik elektronik mühendisligi okurken 4. sinifta sectigi derslerden sonra baska bi isi bu kadar severek yapamayacagini anladi ve 2013'te mezun olduktan sonra yazilim alanindaki ilk isine basladi. Bize bugün Senior Developer olarak calistigi Hexad GmbH'ye gelis öyküsünü anlatacak. Onur Solmaz: Programlamaya ilk kez lisede kendi deyimiyle maalesef Visual Basic ile basladi. Bu tecrube onun 4 sene boyunca benzer bir girisimde bulunmasini engelledi. ODTU Insaat Muhendisligini istemeyerek kazandi. Daha sonra bir cikis yolu olarak bilgisayarlara yönelebilecegini farketti. Bilgisayarina Linux isletim sistemi yukledikten sonra hayati degisti. Zaman icinde bircok farkli alanda muhendis ve developer olarak calisti. Simdi ise kripto para konsensus protokollerinin ekonomik dizayni üzerine calismakta. Sinan Taylan: Üniversiteye Elektronik mühendisliğini kazanarak baslayan Sinan aldığı zorunlu yazılım dersinden hoca yüzünden soğumasına rağmen yazılımın peşini asla bırakmadı. Hersey, kariyerine donanım tasarım mühendisi olarak başlayan Sinan'in master tezini yazarken yazilimin onun için dünyanın en zevkli işi oldugunu farketmesiyle basladi. 26 yaşından sonra abisi sayesinde yazılıma yönelmeye karar verdi. 2019 yılında yurtdışında yaşamak üzere Berlin'e tasinan Sinan'in yazilimcilik yolundaki hikayesini dinleyecegiz. Seni de aramizda görmeyi cok isteriz! Görüsmek üzere, Ecem Bökenheide, Hasan Özdemir Lokasyon: engelnest https://g.page/engelnest?share Wilhelm-Kabus-Str. 24, 10829 Berlin