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Although dollar amount and hosts have changed over the years "Pyramid" is one of the most beloved, addictive and fun to play game shows. Race against the clock to beat the opposing team and make it to the Winners Circle to win as many points as possible -- including the bonus amount if you get them all in time. We ask that those RSVP'ing be familiar with how Pyramid is played or at least review an episode or two which are aired daily on the Game Show Network before the night of the event. NOTE: It is free to participate as a contestant, and to start we are going to try the "honor system" instead of charging the nominal, temporary refundable fee to those who RSVP. However, because each event is held at a private, intimate location and is strictly limited to just eight contestants (+ the host) we must be sure of who and how many are attending each event, especially so other contestants aren't left without a teammate for games that require an even number per team -- and also so those on the wait list aren't left out or hanging should we have a last minute opening. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT IF YOU RSVP YOU EITHER SHOW UP ON TIME OR UN-RSVP AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE THE START OF THE EVENT! While on the honor system, those who withdraw last-minute or fail to show risk being removed from the group. ***IMPORTANT: If we fail to get at least six contestant RSVPs the event will be canceled or postponed to the next scheduled event of the same tournament, so on the day of the event BE SURE TO CHECK THE CURRENT EVENT RSVP COUNT AND STATUS FOR ANY EVENT FOR WHICH YOU HAVE RSVP'd, ARE ON THE WAIT LIST FOR, OR ARE INTERESTED IN. Also, it is a good idea to enable the group's mailing list for last-minute changes and announcements delivered directly to your outside e-mail client. Events will be held near N. Mountain near 7th St. & Peoria Ave. at a private location. As the group grows, we may offer events in other parts of the Valley for members who wish to co-host at their own home in their part of town. Therefore, complete address with detailed directions and parking info will be privately e-mailed to every registered contestant 24 hours before the event begins (if there are enough RSVP's for the event). Please DO NOT BE LATE as all other contestants will have to wait for you until all who RSVP have arrived (and it's not a great way to start things off with others in the group). You may bring your own beverages if they contain a cap or a lid. Food is prohibited inside the game show. The pools & spas at the resort here are open 24/7 and heated so if you want to hang out and drink by the pool (or swim or hot tub) after the game feel free to bring what you need. We don't foresee this happening but in the rare event that we get more than eight contestants showing up, we will try to accommodate everyone by rotating so that there are only eight inside participating at a time; the rest may hang out at the pool until it is their turn to compete.

North Mountain Park

Peoria Ave & 7th St · Phoenix, AZ

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Think you'd be great at your favorite TV game show but know your chances of actually getting on one are slim? Longing for something other than all the Meetup groups limited to just card or board games? If you have a love for classic and popular TV game shows this is a chance for you to show your skill and make friends doing it. Smaller, intimate and private settings (like a dinner party) can often lead to closer interaction and focus, and in the process new lasting friends and relations.

We will be trying out different classic game show games using interactive video and computer gaming technology to bring the studio to the living room. We will be running each different game show as a separate tournament with an ongoing score per contestant (each contestant on a team receives the same score independently for their personal record). Eventually we will run concurrent tournaments for different game shows. Your scores per tournament stay with you as long as you are part of the group.

These TV game show nights are unique from other gaming groups as they will be held at private vacation rentals in Central Phoenix, so when we schedule events the space will be limited to a small group of contestants (plus your TV host of course). We are going to try the "honor system" to start things off. If that doesn't work due to low attendance, or if conversely we regularly get more interested than we can accommodate per event, we may switch to a small and temporary RSVP fee, refunded to all those who show up at the door OR who cancel at least 24 hours in advance.

Because we need at least 6 contestants per event but cannot accommodate more than 8 inside at a time, there will be a wait list once we receive the maximum RSVP's. Since we need enough players for teams (the other contestants are counting on you!), and to be considerate of those on the wait list, IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT IF YOU RSVP YOU EITHER SHOW UP ON TIME OR UN-RSVP AT LEAST 24 HOURS BEFORE THE START OF THE EVENT. While we're on the honor system, those who withdraw last-minute or fail to show up at all risk being permanently removed from the group.

Please encourage friends to sign up or come to an event. They can also find us on Facebook at

...And, for those interested in meeting a group of people out singing (whether as a fellow singer or just listening to different songs and new talent) and making new friends, be sure to check out too!

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