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Vancouver Community MeetUp, Powered by Twitch is a non-profit group of volunteers, managed by SeriouslyClara (http://seriouslyclara.tv/), that organizes events to bring together Twitch broadcasters/viewers and game developers in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.

Our quarterly events facilitate a meeting of online content creators, game developers, and their audiences. We aim to connect communities relevant to gaming and online content creation via face-to-face dialogue and live game demos.

Our events are free to attend, thanks to our subscribers (http://gamewisp.com/twitchvancouver), esteemed sponsors (https://www.meetup.com/TwitchVancouver/sponsors/), and guest donations (https://twitch.streamlabs.com/twitchvancouver). Being a non-profit group of volunteers, we rely on the generosity of our community to cover event costs and growth needs. Thank you for supporting us. More on this here (http://gamewisp.com/twitchvancouver).

Find us on Twitter (http://twitter.com/twitchvancouver), Twitch (http://twitch.tv/twitchvancouver), Discord (https://discord.gg/twitchvancouver), and Facebook (http://facebook.com/twitchvancouver)! Check out previous event photos here (http://twitchvancouver.ca/photos)!

If you're interested in sponsoring our next event, please see our Sponsorship Program (http://twitchvancouver.ca/sponsorus)! Your generosity will go towards helping us keep our events free to attend, as well as support future growth.

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