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UAE Trekkers has been the most active and exclusively outdoor hiking group in both Abu Dhabi, Dubai since 2011. We also cater for beginner hikers who want to step into trekking for the first time in these mountains. But even experienced hikers will find plenty on offer with our mountaineering expeditions in the summers which offer full and complete preparation and training.

Our philosophy is to get to the mountains to hike, canyon, climb, cave, and explore as much as we can on the weekends and holidays, for a safe and enjoyable and challenging day in the mountains.

We do not have any expectation that people new to trekking and hiking for hours can accurately assess their fitness for such an activity. Our experience has proven that in fact people are not able to do this, and even those that go the gym for an hour a day and by all reasonable standards are 'fit' can still struggle in the mountains with physical exertion that lasts many hours in the heat.

Therefore, our beginner treks keep this in mind and plan for this contingency that many people can find it challenging. We encourage everyone to start with a beginner trek, and offer this level of trek nearly every weekend. We will take care of you. We always have a minimum of 2 guides to ensure that nobody is pushed past their own safe limits. When you are struggling to breathe our leaders will stay with you, encourage you to hydrate, breath, and find your strength and confidence to push on. We know how hard it is to get started in a group, and our mission is to make trekking a FUN outdoor activity. If you feel that everyone is 'faster' than you, you will feel motivated to do this activity again, will you? Our beginner treks keep a slow pace, with lots of breaks to drink, chat, and take pictures. We measure the estimated time on each trek on this pace, not on our pace.

Safety is our first priority. Though of course you will be asked to sign a liability waiver at the beginning of each hike with the understanding that you are, ultimately, taking responsibility for yourself, you will feel very quickly when hiking with us how we operate. We do take your safety as our responsibility and our primary goal is to make you feel safe, and ensure you are safe.

We ask people to pay to come with us because we are experienced, qualified, and professional. Despite our training and experience, we also apply common sense to every one of our hikes, and attempt to teach these principles in each outing.

If you ask 'why should i pay to go hiking" we would answer 'why do you pay for a a yoga class? why do you pay for a cross fit class? You are paying for the service of a leader that has put the time into having the skills to take you in the right direction, and ensure your safety. Getting those skills to be qualified to be a leader is the same as an instructor at the gym invests to teach you any skill.

We expect that you will love trekking and want to do more of it, so we will learn and practice hiking skills on every hike. You will learn through participating in treks with us how to hike safely for yourself and in a group in this region.

We are exclusively a mountains and desert based trekking group, though we do offer similar adventures such as climbing, caving, canyoning, and mountaineering.

We are a community oriented and inclusive group. We offer events for families as well as people from all nationalities, cultures, and occupations.

Payment Process; RSVP vs GOING

RSVP as part of 'uae meetup culture' is not actually a committment to going by you, and therefore we do not make any committment to you by the RSVP. UAE Trekkers FZ LLC is a legitimate company paying VAT and following all government mandates. We have payment and refund policies for our company that you will sign a waiver for ensuring you understand.

You are not considered confirmed and registered until you are paid. We have a website where you can make your payments by credit card, but there are other option to pay by cash or bank deposit as well. Please enquire for payment options if you need them. We do not manage RSVP's on any event, and if an event is listed, it is happening regardless of how many on meet up are GOING.

After you are added to the whats app group, you will receive the Get Ready email with the coordinates of the meeting point (at the trailhead) and the Google Map to reach there from either Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

Here are our simple but important rules: know the weather, know the terrain, and know your group.

Weather: Weather is always a serious consideration and sometimes does impact our plan. The only events we offer in summer are in Oman at Jabal Shams, which is a comfortable temperature even in summer because its at 2000-3000m, or night hikes with water based activities. (Wadi Bih) We don't offer any hikes during the day from mid May - October. Even during the other 7 months, the weather is unstable and sandstorms, hurricanes, rain, thunderstorms are a very real risk. Events may need to be rescheduled based on the forecast, but even if the forecast is clear, there will still need to be an eye on the sky and the understanding that the plan may need to change. The weather in Oman has heat, but it also has water. Flooding, thunderstorms, and rain are dangerous and very common. These are often not forecasted due to the micro climate of the mountains. There are signs that will indicate the weather is changing and you need to heed these warnings.

1. Know the trail. We never, ever take a group on a trail that we do not know very, very well. The leader (s) will use GPS devices hikes, but will not ever depend on them for the simple reason that everyone should be able to navigate easily, using the topography, with cones/markers, in the unlikely event that they get away from the group. There are only a few hikes that we are NOT on established, marked trails, that are approved as Hiking Trails by the Oman Ministry of Tourism. But, we do go on unmarked trails on occasion, and these are indicated in the Event Descriptions.

2. Get the correct gear. We require everyone to have proper hiking shoes, not trainers or sneakers, and a proper backpack with waist straps. We provide it for you if you don't have it. But, you're not hiking without it.

3. Pre-Hike safety briefings and gear checks. Each hike begins with a 15 minute briefing that covers all of the essentials, as well recommending the water intake. Be prepared. Your backpack will be checked to make sure you have the correct amount of water which is normally a minimum of 6 liters, anywhere we go. If you can't handle carrying the water, you can't handle the hike.

3. Group Check Points. We don't stay in a tight groups with everyone touching each other. Everyone hikes at a different pace and its no fun for everyone to be required to stay at paces that are either too fast, OR too slow. We do use a 1/1 buddy system, a group connected by walkie talkies, and a checkpoint system. You are required to stay with the leader that has the walkie.

4. Communication: We take 2 satellite phones. One for the front and one for the back of the group. Walkies are for communication between the group leaders.

All of our events are fee -based for a simple reason - when you are asked to pay for something, you take it seriously. People are more likely to read the entire event description before deciding if a hike is really right for them, as well as make the effort to come prepared if they have to pay for it.

There are reasons why we have been and continue to be successful, and many of these are the 6,000+ very interesting, active, sporty and diverse people that are a part of the group.

When you join you may think that you're just up for the easy stuff, you will be surprised how easy it is to get hooked into the sport of trekking and mountaineering, especially in this part of the world, when so many great opportunities are literally a short plane ride away.

We're not travel agents and we're not professional British qualified "mountain guides". But we do have the experience of having done every trip that we offer which has given us the chance to refine it so that its an organized and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Whether you wish to take the opportunity to pursue a goal of climbing mountains or just disconnect from civilization, you will have the experience of a lifetime with us.

Liability Waiver:

By joining UAE Trekkers, you have agreed to accept personal responsibility on any event organized by us, as indicated here:

By joining this group, you agree to take personal responsibility for all of the risks associated with hiking in the mountains, which could include various injuries such as those resulting from falls, dehydration, muscle pulls or sprains, broken bones or head injuries.

Through participating in a hike or event organized by UAE Trekkers, you are ultimately accept that you have personal responsibility for the activities you decide to engage in and understand that any injuries, sustained as a result of your participation in such events are solely at your own risk and your own responsibility.

You agree to take every precaution to accept the recommendations for proper equipment required before you attend a hike, as well as accepting the recommendations for water consumption and other pertinent issues. You also agree to accept advice of more experienced hikers whose goal is to ensure your safety as well as the safety of the group.

So welcome to the group and hope to see you on a mountain soon!

Happy trekking!

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Jebel Jais Mountain

Wadi Kof is in the foothills of Jabal Jais, just 1.5 hours from Dubai, making it a great option for a sunrise and sunset hike. No off-road car required, but you will need hiking boots with a good grip and ankle support. Trainers, especially for beginners, are an invitation for a twisted ankle, a slip, and a very uncomfortable walk in this terrain. This route is some flat sections, bouldering sections, and a few climbs up a rocky ridge trail. It is perfectly doable for beginners as long as you are willing to invest in a pair of HIKING SHOES. No trainers. No negotiation. We will offer this trek twice on Friday, for Sunrise and Sunset. Notes about the route: In the morning, you will be shaded for the first hour. This is a dog friendly trek route. SUNRISE GROUP: Meeting time is 600 am at the Turn off. 1.5 hours from Dubai direct on the 611. You will be finished by 9:30 am We will be hiking in small groups a maximum of 12 people on this trek with 2 Trek Leaders. Cost: 275 Dh+VAT: All-inclusive. Backpack, Head Torch, snack, water, wipes, buff, and mask. Kids Rate: 195Dh +VAT Direct payment on our website: https://www.uaetrekkers.com/calendar/2020/10/9/new-route-shamal-village-view-canyon-trek-beg-c964m A newly scouted route, you’ll get it all. A rocky wadi, some good ridge ascents and views, and an ancient village to explore! Not difficult, but fit beginner with hiking boots will enjoy!


Wadi Monay

This is simply a perfect morning beginner trek that everyone can enjoy! Experience and push your limits if you have never TREKKED before. We have many options on our route that we will offer you depending on YOUR comfort level. Want to climb to the top? Feel more like flat ground is better? No problem. We hike in small groups of 5-6 and your group, your level, fitness will determine how far and how high you go. You can also wear normal sneakers for this hike. We will meet at the start of the trek, it does not require an off road car. As a beginner, we encourage you to take the KIT option, where you will be loaned a backpack, the correct amount of water you need, a healthy and energizing snack, small first aid kit, baby wipes, buff and tissues. If you would like to try hiking shoes, we have limited sizes to loan as well. Price: 250 Dh + vat (if you have the recommended backpack) 275 dh if you do not have a backpack and water requirements. If you don’t have the right backpack, you can loan it for 50dh upon arrival. You cannot hike without a backpack, sharing a backpack, or a purse. Direct payment on our website: https://www.uaetrekkers.com/calendar/foxtrail-5blrg-j9hww



FALCON’S RIDGE Advanced Beginner Trek: And Summer Hiking Safety Certificate Get the experience of climbing a mountain - switchbacks, ledges, and a 260-meter accent. Walk along the ridge of two foothills while enjoying an unobstructed view of the Showka Mountain Range Covid19 and summer protocols; We usually do NOT offer hiking in the summer, but under the circumstances, we are all itching to get outside and the fact is its safer to be in the mountains than in the city. So we have decided to offer a Safe Hiking Skills Morning in order to teach you what you need to know to stay safe in these conditions. We are also offering a free Summer Hiking Safely Certificate to those that pass the quiz after the hike. For your SHS Certificate: 2 days Before you go: you will be sent the Summer Safety Skills Checklist and will be expected to read all of the information and do a little research. While on the hike, we will check your skills for understanding. When you get back, you will have a week to complete the quiz and then receive your certificate which you can print out. Maximum number of participants is 14: Hydration is essential: You will be directed to drink water at regular intervals to ensure that you remain safe and hydrated. We expect that you will take this as seriously as we do. We will be required to wear masks and keep strict social distancing protocols in place. Leaders will stay ahead and behind and will stop frequently for health checks but not hike close to you. You will get wet in the pools as there has been some recent flooding so there is water! You may want a spare pair of trainers in order not to get your hiking shoes wet. We will be amending the regular trail to make it shorter, a maximum of 2.5 hours. The first hour-plus will be spent ascending through a gorge with pools of water of varying depths. Maximum depth is about 1 1/2 meters, waist-deep depending on your height. The boulders in the pools are moss-laden and therefore slippery. Water shoes with good grips, neoprene socks or dive shoes will give you the traction you need. Absolutely NO SANDALS or FLIP-FLOPS. Trail Type: Loop Distance: 8 km Altitude Gain: 260 meters Time: 2.5 hours (shortened for summer) Terrain: Steep, some exposed ledges, some scree (loose rocks) Suitable For: Beginners looking for a challenge. Cost: 265 AED plus VAT Direct payment on ur website: https://www.uaetrekkers.com/calendar/2019/12/15/trekking-fit-finale-wadi-shah-6axbc-42e3a Hikers Responsibility Shoes: Hiking shoes with ankle support Gear: Backpack, 2 L of water, a snack, and sun protection Cancellation Policy: The cancellation policy has been amended to ensure that anyone who is not feeling well does not show up to hike. Hikers who do not show up to a hike will receive a credit to attend a future hike. We hire our trekking guides based on the number of expected hikers, not the number who hike. We will not refund, but we will make sure you can get a hike when you are feeling better. If a hike gets rescheduled due to weather (rain, wind, excessive heat, etc.) or environmental conditions (landslides, flooding, road closures, etc.), customers are given the option to move to the rescheduled hike or choose another hike of equal value for the season. We do not refund.


Wadi Al Helo Archaeological Site

Explore the Historic site of Wadi Helo, where you will climb the hills to the watch towers, explore the old castles and houses of the ancient town, and meet a few camels on the way. This hidden gem is surrounded by the Hajar Mountains. We will trek through date palm plantations, farms, and meet the locals. Many unique birds are seen in this area such as Indian rollers and the red nose parakeet. We will take a dip in the mountain freshwater and climb to a hidden jewel of beautiful canyons. A perfect getaway for a touch of nature and wilderness that the UAE beholds. Beginners can handle this hike as long as long as are capable of carrying their own water on their backs with proper equipment: trekking shoes and backpack with 3 liters of water. Backpacks will be available to rent and required if you do not have the appropriate one. We will meet at a designated spot and drive in convoy to the trailhead. Cost: 265 dh + VAT Per Person (if you have the appropriate backpack and water) Cost: 300 dh + VAT (with a backpack and appropriate water included) Direct payment on our website https://www.uaetrekkers.com/calendar/historichelo-s3jz6-rhpac

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