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Kyiv Go Meetup September 2019

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Alexey G. and 2 others
Kyiv Go Meetup September 2019



• Security for gophers - Ivan Kutuzov, Gopher, Tech Lead @ SoftServe, lead of Lviv Golang UA chapter

In the modern client-server applications, most of the sensitive data is stored (and consequently leaked) on the backend. Apart from security practices themselves, today’s application architecture and typical engineering patterns have changed significantly. During this talk we will review main techniques and discuss existing security best practices.

• Learn neural networks with Go—not math - Ellen Körbes, Google Developer Expert for Golang, Developer relations @ Garden

Even the most amazing programmers may not have the first clue about math. That makes learning neural networks particularly inaccessible, as an integral part of explaining it relies on mathematical formulas. Ah, the formulas…with all their lines and curves and ancient symbols; they’re just as unintelligible as they are beautiful.

What’s a better way for us to learn it instead? With a language we all speak: code.

Contact emails: grachov.alexey{at}, tenmozes{at}, kate.glebova97{at}

БЦ Gulliver, Спортивная площадь, 1А 12 floor · Kiev · Kiev
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