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We have 4 confirmed talks already:

Igor Davydenko (oDesk) will have a talk named "Me and Django: yesterday, today, tomorrow" Vasyl Dizhak (Djangostars) will have a talk about advanced patterns in Git. Andrew Druchenko (Nimble) will have a talk on the Kyiv.Py#7 about different aspects of virtualization with the title "Double layered pie from the Amazon and OpenVZ" Max Klymyshyn (oDesk) will talk about "Testing with Jenkins, Selenium and Continuous Deployment" If you have something interesting to share with the pythonistas - do not hesitate to write to the gotsyk at or contact me in twitter @gotsyk or @uapycon.

⚠ Warning: It is Euro-2012 time in Ukraine. So, please, think about the tickets to Kyiv if you are coming from another city in advance.

Amosova 12 · Kyyiv